Us tax data leak: bezos, musk and co. Should hardly or no taxes pay

US tax data Leak: Bezos, Musk and Co. Should hardly or no taxes pay

The US control workers Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants to determine how Brisante data from super-rich such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Warren Buffett could get to the public. "I can confirm that there is an investigation", Said IRS-Chef Charles Rettig on Tuesday at a senate sorehoroid in Washington. The unauthorized distribution of confidential government information was illegal, explained a spokeswoman of the Ministry of Finance.

The Investigative Platform Propublica had previously published results of a research that is based according to your information on anonymously played IRS data on the income statements and tax assets of the richest Americans and Americans. The information should show how low contributions many extremely wealthy in the US must be measured by their immense high wealthy to pay the fiscal and how much they can benefit from legal tax slut storks.

Control slipper exploited

Propublica Among other things, the federal income taxes of the 25 richest people for the years 2014 to 2018 were made to grow their waxings Forbes-Millionars list opposed and concluded that de facto only a tax rate of average had resulted in 3.4 percent. More details: Amazon boss Bezos – loud Forbes The richest person in the world – did not pay US income taxes in 2007 and 2011. In other years, Tesla boss Musk and other multimilliardaries and multimilliards have succeeded.

Noteworthy: Borsen-Guru Warren Buffett, who pronounces each other relatively again for higher taxes for top earners, paid loud Propublica from 2014 to 2018 the lowest taxes of the 25 super-rich. The 90-year boss of the Beteilungsholding Berkshire Hathaway has increased by $ 24.3 billion during this period, but only one income of $ 125 million in the fiscal and ultimately paid $ 23.7 million in taxes.

This results in a "true tax rate" of only 0.1 percent. Buffett reacted with a detailed explanation on the data leaks and explained that he was planning to pie virtually his overall for beneficial purposes. He believes that his money was so good for society. Buffett but also credited his support for a fairer tax system for reducing wealth inequality in the population. Bezos was loud Propublica Not ready to relate. Musk only have a request with "?" answered and then no longer reacts.

Unequal control system

The enthusiasts beat high waves in the US, but ultimately show the effect of a long-known and controversial property of the tax system. This results in the wealth of extremely rich people like Bezos and Co. Unlike most burgers and burgers mostly less from their income, but from the value increases from missing as shares. But they are taxed on their dividends – only for a sale. In addition, the tax burden can be compared with loans or investment losses.

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