Us export ban meets drone manufacturer dji

Technology exports from the USA to drone world market fuels DJI and the Chinese chip manufacturer SMIC are now illegal. The transfer of US technology within China to these and other companies is illegal to US law. This has determined the US government last week. Exceptions are possible, but away from the epidemics.

DJI and SMIC are now on the same export ban list, where Huawei, ZTE, Hikvision and numerous other companies, including some Germans, are already. The reasons are different. During the US government by SMICS business, national security saws danger, she throws DJI human rights violations. Smics chips are important part of different weapons of the People’s Army of the People’s Republic of China.

Partnership with police Xinjiangs

DJI should "Exporting advantages to negative regimes around the world" have mimic what was directed against the US-Policy interests of the United States. In addition, Dji himself "Far-reaching human rights violations within China through abusable collecting and analyzing genetic materials or highly technical monitoring" mimic. What exactly is exactly, is not clear. DJI has one "strategic partnership" Closed with the police of the Northwest Chinese Province of Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is known for the brutal vacuum of domestic uighers, and drones are a popular monitoring tool. At the beginning of the year, the US Home Office has shut down its 800 Chinese drones. In May last year, the US Ministry of Heimaticherheit was warned US companies prior to the risk of corporate data, which deals with the use of Chinese drones.

131 entries with Germany reference

Our site has asked DJI for comments. Tights of US media has emphasized DJI that DJI drones will be relevant in the US as usual. New on the bid list are, among other things, FUF universities of the People’s Republic of China, including the well-known technical university Beijing.

In Germany, the Regensburg Autoteeilemira MRS and the Russelsheim Aircraft maintenance company MSI are newly affected. MSI is in a bankruptcy procedure under self-government. Funds for these entries are not yet available. A total of 131 organizations and individuals relating to Germany are now on the so-called entity list. Underneath are also downlies of foreign companies such as the airline North Koreas.

Legal basis for the US export ban is a law decided in the summer of 2018 called Export Control Reform Act of 2018. The export regulation of the US should set a legal foundation. Previously, the Uber Prasidenterlasse had been handled. The law regulates restrictions on export, recirculation and domestic disclosure of newly emerging technology as well as fundamental technology.

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