Unwissed calls: bub money against mobilcom

Unwissed calls: Bub money against Mobilcom

Due to unauthorized telephone advertising, the Federal Network Agency has a budget in the high of 145.000 Euro against the mobile service provider Mobilcom-Debitel. The Freenet subsidiary has repeatedly called customers without their consent to advertising purposes, the regulatory workers announced on Friday. In doing so, a conclusion of the contract has been subsequently underlined following the undisturbed promotional call.

Many of the called had after the unpounded calls also a subscription about for hor books, magazines, video services, security software or cell phone insurances on the neck that had to be revoked. According to the investigations of the supervisory persons, those affected had rejected these offers or only asked for sending information material.

"Repeatedly disregarded"

"Mobilcom has repeatedly disregarded the prohibition of unauthorized telephone advertising and subordinates consumers in a coarse extent unintentional conclusion of the contract", explained Jochen Homann, Prasident of the Federal Network Agency. "Against such companies we judge high bubbles." The fact that consumers were subordinated by means of unfair methods as well as contract financial statements, the high of the money powers were aggravated.

The Bubgeld is 69 documented trap based, explained a spokesman for the author to opposite our site: "In these cases, taking into account the high demonstration requirements in the book money procedure, it could be determined that the promotional calls took place under incrimination against the legal regulations."

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