Unloaded iran again

Syria Conference Geneva II is already in advance to the theater posse

Now the Un Iran has unloaded again; must have to unload, on the prere of the USA, from a conference, whose significance is limited for a peaceful solution of the war in Syria anyway. With representatives of Iran, the conference beginning on Friday, Geneva II had gained relevance, she will probably be a theatrical performance without much effective.

With a Volte, which is already known to the audience by the nuclear negotiations, the invitation to the Iranian representatives was made again. Iran should sign a condition that is unacceptable for Tehran: The resolution from the first Geneva conference, after which the guided in Damascus is absorbed by a transition government of graces of the conference participants.

The Iranian government has been politically closely closely with the rulers in Damascus for many years; Such a step is impossible for them, it was a betrayal to everything that Tehran has used in the past against Syria; It would be the same to one "Regime change", which is operated by states, unlike Syria, not to the friends Iran’s friends: Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the USA.

In addition, the warlike conflicts in Syria have long been presented as liberation movement of a recovering population against brutal autocrats for a long time. It is a bloody power struggle with a hundred fronts between militant Salafists with the aim of an Islamic state in Syria against Al-Qaeda with a regional authority claim and an international JihadaDa against the Syrian dispute to name only the coarse groups.

Light game for Bashar Al-Assad

The population, of which the reigning Prasident Bashar Al-Assad is with real, not only propagandistically tattered reality reference, is it sorry to get between the different Muhlen. In a new election, he had gross opportunities, which is why he has it easy to present himself as a sacular democratic ruler.

After all this, which was known about cruels and war crimes of oppositional militants against their opponents and denominational minorities, their rule in the international public, in Israel and other neighboring states will be found how likely also from a coarse part of the Syrian population.

Improvement to the Syrian Government: Torture and Murder Temperender

While it may be indicated in smaller reports, giving visual refuges of safety and peace under mated Salafistic troops, with Schariagericht, which have nothing to do with the horror images à la Talibanistan. Also, some rebel driver charisma is attributed and not all are expired to the califatic, fanatical delusion.

But in the whole they offer no convincing picture that with their rule Syria only somehow on a better way. Above all, one sees that they are incombed, to all hard-known warriors who want to do what they were going to start, they themselves give themselves especially religious smoke of themselves ("Hardly bad on the term ‘Islamic’", The answer is called "Syrian Salafism"?, Hawks and master planes).

In view of this picture, the current slump in the run-up to Geneva II is also timely attributable to torture and murders tens of thestration in the cogs of the Syrian security apparatus (cf. Syria Crisis: Evidence of ‘Industrial Scale Killing’ by Regime Spurs Call for was Crimes Charges), even if the premiere confirms, nothing is decisive at the point of view, according to which Bashar Al-Assad and his surrounding factory coil, the land and people have exploited the smaller ubel and at least have caused more than decades for stable political conditions.

Bashar Al-Assad rules with the help of torture, violence and lugs, but for the prospects that it became different his opponents, they have done nothing to be convincing. And not for it, that you can, what the Prasident Assad have made with your authentic politics, reasonably stable conditions inside and to submerge.

As long as the threat of religious fanatic and Jihadists determines the view of Syria, the reigning prasident of his power can be sure. The opposition is desavoed for a long time, including the SNC, whose exile syrer barely has a power base in the country. The fact that from the upholstered in Syria has become the new principal battlefield against Jihadist terror, the Caschar Al-Assad has specified as a political reading from the beginning.

Why the Syrian Government 2011 with Ahmed Abu Issa, Abdel Qader Saleh and Zahran Alloush (cf. Hawks and Masterplanes) in 2011 has dismissed exactly those friendly prison insides, which became the later commuters of opposition groups – and now the Al-Qaeda-Bundte got bonded – is not answered yet.

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