#Twitterban – nigeria sales twitter blockade

#TwitterBan - Nigeria Sales Twitter Blockade

With a Tweet, the Nigerian Ministry of Information Knows announced on Friday to block Twitter in its own country indefinitely. When this blockade should apply, initially unclear remained unclear. Now this step is speculated about possible reasons for this step.

Officially the fact that Twitter will be used again and again in a way that Nigeria is a pity and finally the existence of the African state dangerous. Indirect is in this description of the allegation, the short message network do not operate enough against storing content.

Shortly before worshiping the blockade, however, the platform had quite intervened: A short message of the Nigerian Prassified Muhammadu Buhari was first removed due to rule proceeds, the headquarters of the head of state has been blocked shortly thereafter for twelve hours.

Platform for government critic

Twitter is very popular among the Nigerians. Among other things, the platform of government critics is used to organize themselves in protests and actions against police violence. This is not welcome by the country’s politicians. Amnesty International (AI) prankened the handling of compatriots in the past, which honors their opinion. Anyone who is critical, had to be verbal and physical attacks as well as persecution, arrest and torture fear, writes Osai Ojigho, Director at Amnesty International, on the organization’s website. Recently, Under the Hashtag #talkyourtruth, AI had launched a campaign for the right to free community.

The ratio between the most valuable country of Africa and Twitter is generally not unloaded. So the social network had been informed in April 2021 that it will build a new Due to Ghana and to occupy several IT jobs for that. Under the instruction "Why Ghana" follows a burial for this that the choice for the new Buro fell on this country: "As a champion in terms of democracy belonging Ghana to the supporters of free speech, clear opinion online and an open internet," said it there. Actually, Kenya’s capital Nairobi and also the Nigerian Grobstadt Lagos considered favorites for the new Twitter site; in Nigeria solved the decision therefore rough displeasure.

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