Twitter takes mails against false information about the us election

Twitter takes mails against false information about the US election

The short message service Twitter meets further measures to remove the dissemination of false information in the run-up to the US Prassidal elections in November. As Twitter announced on Thursday in a blog post, the new guidelines should already start the 17. September to be applied and applied.

The integration of the elections to protect, be a commitment for Twitter, writes the company in his blog. Therefore, content on Twitter, the misusable or false information should be included, either with an indication or deleted. The marked tweets of an account are less visible on Twitter. However, you continued to see Followers and also Retweeten.

False information

Affected are tweets that contribute through their content users about the laws and regulations of choice, the officials and institutions involved, in order to undermine confidence in the electoral process. Controversial allegations such as unaccepted information about election qualifications, election manipulations, voting results or election results, Will Twitter will treat the extended directives. In addition, the assertion of a premature victory falls, without confirmatory election results available to make one "to prevent peaceful power or ordered succession".

Apparently, this is directed directly against the reigning US Prassident Donald Trump. His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, had in a public debouring due to his experiences with Trump, the promogation, the Prasident did not leave his power peacefully, if he should lose the choice.

Twitter is serious with the strict enforcement of the new guidelines and also makes this clear: "We will not allow our service in connection with burger processes, especially elections, is abused. Any attempt to do – both domestically and abroad – will be answered with a strict enforcement of our rules that apply to all equally important and prudent." Facebook had already announced similar maws as Twitter at the beginning of September.

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