Trump: campaign advertises for toktok prohibition

Trump: Campaign advertises for Toktok prohibition

The Election Committee of US Prasident Donald Trump calls on social networks to sign a petition to ban the Chinese video app Tiktok. This reports the American newsportal Bloomberg.

Advertising in constituencies

"Tiktok was caught on fresh act, how monitored what is in your phone clipboard", is about some Facebook ads. Furthermore, you call users to sign a petition for ban on Tiktok. The ads lead users to a survey, in which personal information will be quotibly queried their e-mail address and mobile number.

Trump: Campaign advertises for Toktok prohibition

The ads were by Trumps "Make America Great Again Committee" paid and are played since Friday. According to Bloomberg, who relate to Facebook’s advertising library, the campaign focuses on users between the ages of 18 and 64 years, which come from US campaign states such as Texas or Florida.

The advertising campaign against Tktok starts a few weeks after one "Troll action" In an election campaign of Trump in Tulsa allegedly provided for empty range: So it should have given the network coordinated efforts of numerous users to register for free for a ticket, but not to appear. At least there are at least doubts about this theory.

Prohibitions against data collectors

In fact, developers had noticed in a beta version of iOS 14 in June that Tiktok was tackled data from the clipboard. The service responded to the premieges and expertise to switch off. However, Tikkok was not the only app that copied unquestioned text.

Some Chinese apps are the US government a mandrel in the eye. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo announced recently to check for a ban on services such as Tiktok. Thus, the US is not alone: India locked some apps in June, sending data to China.

A corporate speaker of Tikok gave the following opinion in relation to Mike Pompeo’s Auberung: "Our highest prioritat is the requirement of secure and protected app experience for our users * inside. We have never passed on users * inner data to the Chinese government and did not do so if we were asked for it".

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