Tracking protection in the app store: without transparency nothing works

Tracking protection in the App Store: Without transparency nothing works

Applications that are to be distributed in Apple’s App Store must be pleased with the so-called app Tracking Transparency (ATT), otherwise they will no longer be approved. The report developer. In addition, Apple himself reminded his Developer on the developer website.

No bypass allowed

ATT requires that applications that want to read the central advertising ID of the iPhone must first sign up and approve this to the user. Since many users were not allowed to do this, a persecution of the lucrative customers over applications is made difficult towards – at least with Apple’s on-board. The Group also wants to prevent developers from using circumvention – and applying appropriate applications if they are discovered. The promotional ID ("Apple ID for Advertisers", For short Idfa), users can already break and partially configure, but a trip into the system settings are required to do what many users do. The now successful OPT-IN makes tracking significantly more visible.

New App Store Rules

Developers who submit apps, ATT must now take into consideration. The technology is introduced according to Apple with iOS, iPados and TVOS 14.5. The corresponding amendment can be found in the App Store rules under point 5.1.2 (i). With the appearance of the new operating systems should "All apps" ATT support, Apple continues. If the user does not give his understanding, the IDFA automatically only consists of zeros and a user can not be touched, so Apple. According to reports of several developers, Apple has now begun to bring back apps that contain certain advertising SDKs like that of Adjust, as a device fingerprinting is made. Developers should be checked if there are updates.

Criticism of Facebook

ATT is not undisputed. In this way, the competitive cheers examined the procedure and Facebook made massive mood against technology. Apple had first postponed the tracking transparency, but did not shout from it with iOS 14.5 Requests. More about the new App Tracking Read in the afterthcoming Mac I Ie 2/2021.

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