Traces of auberertischer civilizations: nasa returns money for a seti project

Traces of Auberertischer civilizations: NASA returns money for a SETI project

For the first time for more than 30 years, the US space agency NASA financially supported a project for direct searches for Auberrish intelligent life. With the money, researchers want to work out different US colleges, such as astronomers in the signals from distant worlds can search for traces of solar panels and atmospheric pollution. Overall, the team of Adam Frank from the University of Rochester Dafur gets almost 290.000 US dollars over a period of two years, reported The Register.

"Techno signatures" instead of "Bio signature"

As the scientists have now completed, researchers have been paying a lot of attention since the continuing continuing discovery of distant exoplanets to discover screams of simplest life forms on other worlds. "But what if there is a stranger planet intelligent life that has built a technological civilization?", Now ask. Such a civilization could take place "Bio signature" "Techno signatures" have that may be easier to prove. For your study ""Characterizing Atmospheric Techno Signature" Do you want to focus on two possible initially.

So they want to examine whether technology for converting solar energy leaves traces, which could be detected from gross distance. After all, the stars on the strongest energy generators in the universe and this energy, "Goods also very obvious for other civilizations". Light reflected by a planet on which many solar panels are installed had a very specific spectral signature, you mean and want to show astronomers what they were looking for. In addition, they want to determine how they could conclude from certain gases in foreign atmosphere on intelligent life and industrial civilizations. This could be about fluorochlorocarbons (CFCs).

"The Game Has Changed"

The search for Auberdirdische Intelligences (SETI) is by no means new area of astronomy, though a often very skeptical beigiger. But since then more and more exoplanets are discovered and including many, on which earth-tooth life could be possible, was allowed to change. The SETI research help these discoveries when answering the often most important question, where to look for overhead: "The game has changed", Means Frank: "We now know where to look at." The techniques to be developed should be compiled in a library and help astrophysicists in the analysis of signals.

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