Tim cook for nine years at apple at the rudder

Apple has a small jubilee this week to celebrate: Timothy Donald Cook has been CEO of Apple for exactly nine years. Which usually known as Tim known manager took over on the 24. August 2011 by Steve Jobs The rudder after he had represented him hunting for illness in the years before. No two weeks later died of the Apple Mitbound.

Company value more than quadruple

Under Tim Cook, Apple has become a lot different, but the group is enormously successful. When Steve Jobs died in 2011, Apple was worth 350 billion value, today it’s about two trillion dollars. The turnover has also grown smoothly, as well as the profit. All this is all the more amazing because Apple still shows itself innovation. Under Cook, the Apple Watch was created, there is a lot in the areas of augmented reality and automotive and also gross decisions like the arm switch at the Mac will find.

However, it is also clear that Cook is not "Product type" is. He overlooks a lot of product work to his team, in love a lot on DesignBoss Jony Ive, who has left the Group now. Accordingly, Cook gets more often to Horen, Apple has stiffened on gradual improvements of existing hardware – especially at the iPhone -. However, it also came under Steve Jobs only every few years to grow up to roughen, while Apple "between the years" On incremental innovations.

Apple was the most important decision

"The most important findings I have collected in life go back to a single decision", So Cook during a speech before students of his Alma Mater, the Auburn University, "My decision to go to Apple". He never had the concrete plan to work with the computer company, "But it was undoubtedly the best decision I’ve ever met".

Cook itself is considered modest, loves sport and is constant breakfast every morning. He is an ascetic, but also activist. For example, he starts in the tech sector for more diversitat, which also has to do with his own origin: he is one of the few openly gay manner at the top of an Fortune 50 group. Little is known about his family life – Cook Live for his work, it always rejoices.

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