Threema plans multi-device function with end-to-end caption

Threema plans multi-device function with end-to-end caption

Threema might offer its users a multi-device function. However, the safety and privacy standards of the messenger are a challenge, for which they say at Theema "Elegant and suitable solution" have found. The development still takes place, in the coming year the possibility should be available.

The path taken by threema is based on the introduction of a "Mediator server". The distribution should run over him. Specifically, the server ames the coordination of access to the chat server as a node, it reflects messages to other devices and synchronizes the settings and data between those.

However, the Mediator server should not know which Threema ID is responsible for which. Therefore, several keys from the private key of the ID are derived: from the Threema-ID Private Key to the Device Group Key over the Mediator Path Key to a Device Group ID. "Since the Mediator server can not determine from which Threema-ID has been derived the key, we have an anonymous grouping method for devices that accompanied the same Threema-ID", explores the provider in a blog post. Only the clients know the private key, for the server it is therefore impossible to change key material.

Reactions and synchronization still in progress

After the final choice of devices have been grouped, a device will receive the status as "leader". This reflects messages to the other devices. In addition, he reacts to news, for example in the form of reading stations. The synchronization also happens via the mediator server, with a device short-term access to "Reflect Message Queue" has to be obtained so that conflicts can be avoided. Threema does not go on the transaction mechanism here. The Mediator server requires support for the WebSocket protocol – even this explains Threema not yet more detailed. Only that much: "A welcome side effect of this proxy procedure is the fact that the chat server is therefore no longer able to assign IP addresses to Threema IDs." What applies to the Mediator server because of the anonymous device groups.

According to Theema, the "Principal" For a multi-device solution with sufficient security and privacy. Further details and changes were followed.

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