The romance of a revolution

The popsummer 1982 vintages for the twentieth times – a reminiscence at better times

About twenty years ago, you did not have to be blod, career or gay to be pop star. Groups such as ABC, Soft Cell or Depeche Mode made the early eighties with Hedonistic citation pop at a time that was quite awarded – unlike current charts, revivals and TV jerks like today’s 80s show on RTL.

"I Can`t Help Myself" (Four Tops, 1965) "Just Like The Four Tops, I Can`t Help Myself" (Edwyn Collins / Orange Juice, 1982) "I Want To Go Back There Again" (Chris Clark, forgotten Motown Sanger, 1967)

The horrible eighties. Who knew the better than RTL, even a child of the penultimate decade. The Saturday 80s shows with oliver gases, who always looks like the Doofis, who had liked to take a first-class proof in the coarse break, were a first-class proof. Today, the Kase is repeatedly embraced as best-of-computation because of the stark quota success.

Of course, the fun will not be neglected again, as in the whole broadcasts before. Already delusionally funny, like z.B. In the 1982 broadcast the wheel-legging premiere cap Axel Schulz with the alcohol-eroded trio drummer Peter Behrens "Da da da" brought. Endless 60 seconds stoked the dormavarily grinning and a casio swinging school "Da da da" on the bean and it does not hate and stoic Behrens seems to think "Hau blob" And Schulz just keeps the depart. Until the yelling audience finally may cheer the departure. The inevitable Feldbusch, though 20 years ago just a 14-year teen-narrow gauge model with coarse nose, is allowed to fly around, strongly made up and quite styled teens and counts from the color of her hosage, and one suspects: the woman will soon get existential problems.

Really funny is as a variety of the TV round, which is celebrated over brullend-funny Onanie anecdotes from Schulzens GDR youth, once again only the GDR singleplayer: an original state television spot that suggests the Eastern teenagers that one with his Personnel card is not carefree (and even light a bare bus. An ID remains on the seat in the strain path and the off comment is "(…) During bus or train, everywhere there is the opportunity to lose its identity card!". Here a state still took on the needs of his burger! Also wonderfully the disco scene, in which an anonymous sneaker fume (with the super hip two strips) gently on the remote on the floor.

But that’s enough of SPAB and explanation, because the RTL music selection is expectant in the contemptuous dull-german national on the last twitches of the so-called new German wave. Even East German Zombiebiebands like Karat will be even more space than Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Soft Cell, each of which a short video tipsel can be seen. The only moments, where the average television viewer maybe had an ancestor that the Fruben eighties were not so bad.

Because in 1982 was a completely outstanding vintage, the so-called pop summer, rooted in 1981 and with outlines until in 1983. However, it would have been necessary for this knowledge to look out over the FRG-Tellerand. Great Britain was namely the country, from which (almost) all the best came. Ruckblende: The wave (Wave) so-called new music that gradually parted in the Helmut Schmidt-Wehr district from the beginning of 1977 from UK and USA, stabbed strongly at the beginning of the 80s. Punk began to smell funny and spend with the originally hated hippies at the demos against nuclear power and the NATO double decision. The New Waver did not like to blob dull and depressive and guitar-bearer. Ian Curtis, the Joy Division Icon, was already a bit dead. One searched for new forms of expression that no longer categorically excluded the so-called black music (apart from Reggae / Ska).

The technological development also relieves its traces. Industrial had already introduced the use of synthesizers and drum computers, but it was, apart from exceptions such as the legendary first mute single "Warm Leatherette / T.V.O.D." from the normal, not yet. Power station brought in 1978 with "The model" on the "Human machine"-LP probably the first synthipop stucco with clear popsong structure in a 3-minute single format. That should have follow.

One of the bands that were enthusiastic power plant and moving away from the outset without rock`nžroll guitars were the Human League from the industrial city of Sheffield. "Reproduction" From 1979 was still a non-uniform plate where Dustere, experimental tracks next to a cover version of the Gigantic 1965 Righteous Brothers Hits "You`ve Lost That Loving Feeling" was standing. "Travelogue" From 1980 the dancefloor classic contained "Being Boiled", who is still played on Wave Feten. After that, the group split up because of the famous musical differences.

The two synthi programmer Martyn ware and Ian Craig Marsh founded Heaven 17 (the term comes from Kubricks "Clockwork orange"), Sanger Phil Oakey and VideoMann Adrian Wright gathered two new musicians plus two sangers / dancers from the city disco and went to the studio with BuzzCocks producer Martin Rushent. The result was "Dare!", One of the best synthipop albums of all time. Here comes the journalist Andreas Banaski into the game, which under the pseudonym Kid P. For the then carrier German music magazine Sounds wrote. As he emphasized several times, he was apparently the first German, the end of 1981 in London "Dare!" held. Why was Sounds driving? First and foremost because of Banaski. No other man could bring so funny and pointed to the point, which awarded the popsummer 82, not even the then as Sounds editor-in-chief yet not of art scene and feuilleton corrupted Diedrich Diedereichsen.

Kid P.`s article were either loved and hated, in between there was nothing. He mixes gossip, bose joke, charm, historical awareness and his stylish apodictic ("tempo" Goods without him not conceivable) to a stunning melange. The intellectual over construction, which was placed the population, consisted of the idea that explicit protes how he remained largely ineffective in the punk skirt of the Clash or Bots, because he could be easily identified and evaporated by the opposite side.

The romance of a revolution

Subversion by affirmation was instead a buzzword of 1982 against the prevailing alternative-left attitude. A unique hit of this scene was the Easter Marshaker Schlager Sun instead of Reagan by Joseph Beuys. One of the headman, Green Garthside of Scritti Politti, referred to interviews that already the rhythm of popular music, as it was introduced with Elvis Presley in the middle of the 50s, the structures of the bourgeois company undermines.

So it was obviously not necessary for the right life in the wrong way "Bullsky" to brillen and wrapped around in the self-elected subculturghetto as crawled out of the mulltonne. You were allowed to live although still the Rhenish, Capitalism managed by SPD and FDP are still governed. You were allowed to be young, in love, narcissistic and be sapped. You were allowed to be fashionable and hope that good stucco came into the hit parades to improve people and their relationships. The hippies, unless you already sows in the government, ran as grune Furs parliament and sermons jute instead of plastic. And the hardened, rotted old-68er in the pub scolded like the parents at home over the youth and undertook those who had short hair and "machine" Music Hydres, rights attitude.

These findings grabbed many of the generation of the born between 1957 and 1967 eagerly. Teenage as an idea was better tiled by those over 20 as far as the teens itself. Tina Hollow z.B., The Sounds Editorial Assistant and Nestshakchen was pretty bad and dilettantic disk critics written. Kid P. fell in love (anyway) in it and made that – the time accordingly – in his last sounds articles and record critics public. The private was not so easy to separate from the political, as the old fronted thought, which had turned back to the mattress camp.

Back to the music: In addition to the Human League, in the early 1980s, some other pop bands appeared in the hit parades, which excluded without guitars and drummer. The former colleagues of Heaven 17 shocked the British public with their first single "Fascist Groove Thang". Foreground a convicted protestong, but not stump, but lightweight-ironically played. Just so that the opponent is dancing. The following album "Penthouse and Pavement" was the first product of "British Electric Foundation"/ B.E.F. Heaven 17 formed the nucleus. Modern, internationally active and socialist businessman types wanted to be and operate as a business publishing good popweeks. The yuppie in good sense. "Music of Quality and Distinction" Was the first B.E.F-project, which was done in 1982. Various artists covert Classic from the 60s and 70s like Lou Reeds "Perfect Day", "You Keep Me Hanging On" From the Supremes or "SUSPICIOUS MINDS" From Elvis in modernized robe. With however between dermal results.

Depeche Mode made with "Speak and Spell" A debut plate, which according to Pop Rocky "Crops for glosses" brought. Wichtel Vince Clarke, who all hits on it (Z.B. "Just can`t get enough") Wanted, but did not want to be a pop star. He fell in love the group and reason Yazoo with the full Blank Blueessangerin Alison "Alf" Moyet. Specifies bad luck for him that he immediately immediately the massive pop success ("Only you"!) would have.

Soft Cell in turn shocked Paul Weller and the conservative mods of this world with yours "Tainted Love"-Version and the burgerous virtuous waxes with their gay image and album title "Non Stop Erotic Cabaret". "Torch" or "Whate" are and stay masterpieces. There is hardly anything about Marc Almond something to say, which is not yet said. Auber that he ultimately did not handle the pop star role and is now actually again with his old partner Dave Ball as Soft Cell.

Love the Human League "Dare!" 1982 as "Love and Dancing" under the alias "League Unlimited Orchestra" (in relation to Barry Whites Love Unlimited Orchestra) Remixen. Hits like "Don`t You Want Me" were stretched on instrumental maxiLange. At that time, Clara Drechsler criss the plate in Spex: "This does not even raise a dog his leg". NOT CORRECT! Soft Cell brought with "Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing" also a remix plate out. Schooner Synthipop is also the second Depeche Mode "A Broken Frame", At which in addition to some songs in the Vince-Clarke style are already heavy stucco, who ask the later Depeche-Art. In addition, there were a few second league synths tibs such as Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark (OMD), Tears for Fears or Blancmange.

In the second part: Compact, ABC and Dexys as a above-average class and the end of a coarse affare

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