The language of the “worried burger”

The language of the'besorgten burger'

Tobias Pruwer about the potential potential contained in the worried speech

In the valve publisher will be published in December "Word book of the worried burger", There is also the blog speechless. The language of this worried burger is ambivalent, which shows itself in a special language of the worried burger. Own words are surprised or exerted words reinterpreted. This is quite every day when watching a lively language. The content, however, clearly makes: behind the words is an intolerant view of the strangers.

First, it is still an abstract fear. Little later the enemies are identified. The words summoned an emergency. Due to the frequent use in the social media and in hashtags, the words tend to beat. The insider group as well as the ale world should recognize immediately what it works. Some of the words are harmless, but under the surface you ran on dangerous undergrowth.

Tobias Pruwer, one of the four editor, goes to the special features of the burger vocabulary in the interview. Pruwer studied philosophy and history in Leipzig and Aberdeen. Since 2009 he is a theater editor at the cruiser magazine.

That "Word book of the worried burger" leads up the vocabulary of the worried burger. What can you get under one "worried burger" introduce? Tobias Pruwer: The term "worried burger" is self-sufficient double bodied. It is the – at least – initial self characterization of those people who demonstrate at Pegida or AfD elections à la: we are not right, we are worried burgers. The media grabbed the protected label until they reported to differentiated. In short, the term is a tool for all those positions and statements that have been with authors such as Thilo Sarrazin and Akif PirinCCI, Pegida and AfD for a few years, but also spook around somewhere else, for example, if Wolfgang Schauble duspless of "Escape" speaks. From the words you could create a graphic, which words the world of worried burger delimit and what words are at the heart of the worldview. Which were that? Tobias Pruwer: So clearly distinguishes language does not. In terms of terms like "Established" it depends on who they used. You can think of parties, which are long in political business in contrast to newer such as the pirates or the AFD. The worried mine "established parties" but everyone else because they are the idea as a corrupt "System" Truths underprere, "Minority" demand and abolish Germany. Central but is the idea of a landlined – qua blood – folk community, which is subordinate to the individual. Of this, many ideas lead as the "BrD GmbH" and the "Merkelfamism" or from the Federal Government AntiFa groups.

"Word bookers about political language can never be neutral"

The words often appear on the Internet at comments. So they are also troll language? Tobias Pruwer: You are definitely able to find massive in comments as part of worried communication. They serve the self-arance ("Thank you, Merkel!", "Talk to clear text") and / or the descalance of all other positions ("Writing", "Lying press", "Rapefugees"), the monolithic "spent" be perceived. Strategies such as digital crops by massive comment, trooted CUI bono?-Argumentation, Whatiboutism and censorship attempts also to the standarrepertoire. The word book entries are critical comments on the glossary. In a regular word book, the different contexts and meaning variants were explained neutral. Tobias Pruwer: WORTERBOOD Over political language can never be neutral because there is no perspective of a positioning, and be it only subliminal, can escape. But yes, our critical approach is specifically chosen. We did not just want to describe where ideas like "Folkstod" come from, but also that this is merely imagined. Or that at "left-handed" also a purity and thus cleaning fantasy action-initially resilient, because "Siff" from the disease syphilis comes from. Especially the force potential contained in the worried speech is dangerous why we want to oppose the criticism and explanation. The feuilletonistic impact justifies readability and some stucco worried world picture is hardly to be overparted at curlitat, because you have to laugh even.

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