The konigin of torture

The CIA Torture Report – Part 1

Hardly more than four weeks after his publication in the US now the official report of the US Senate to the Internation and Horse Program of the CIA now also appears in German language. Although the published CIA torture report consists only of a fraction of the entire report with numerous blacks, the more than 600 pages are perhaps the most important document of the year.

Not because the documentation of cruel torture practice on the image of the United States is scratching globally on a historical low, but because its publication shows that in the self-explanated bastion of human rights and democracy, there is still people who seriously serious take and at least tease an effective democratic control of intelligence operations. If this exists, then this report had to have consequences and the leaders are considered to be accountable. Who this Auber Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tenet et. Al. are concrete, leave despite the blacksungs – and one of them is the "Konigin of torture."

The Konigin of Torture

"She had an unusual amount of influence at the CIA. She was smart and assertive. And her trump card was that sometimes they reported Prasident Bush Personal", Jane Mayer 20081 wrote about a senior manager of the "Alec station", The Bin Laden Department of the CIA.

She did not call the name of "Coarse redhead with bright red lipstick", who not only for the debuting and "Extended interrogations" said and, among other things, it was responsible for the German State Burger Khalid El-Masri to be trapped in an Afghan torture gain. She was already part of that CIA unity, which provided for 9/11 for that the later "Hijacker" Khalid Al-Midhar and Nawaf Al-Hazmi remained unmolested in San Diego – although Al-Midhar has been on the terror-watchlist since 1998. In "11.9. -Ten years later" we had the "Act al-Midhar" summarize as follows:

Since 1998, the house of his father-in-law in Yemen was observed in which he went in and out; In 1999 he was received by Omar Al-Bayoumi in California, a Saudi with intelligence compounds (which the Commission Report is well-established, he was an unlikely candidate for Klandestine relations with Islamist extremists); In January 2000, he participated in an al-Qaeda planning meeting in Kuala Lumpur recorded by Malaysian intelligence on video and transferred to US resist; he and his "Studies"-Colleagues in San Diego received their mentor Mo-native checks from the wife of the Saudi US Ambassador Prince Bandar; In September 2000 Al-Midhar and Al-Hazmi took a new apartment in San Diego, in the house of FBI informative Abdussattar Shaikh.

Then Al-Midhar traveled in the Yemen, where in October 2000 the attack on the US warship Cole took place, for both guests of the Safehouse his father-in-law as well as participants of the Malaysia meeting were daily. At the same time, the Supreme Terroristenjager of the FBI, John O’Neill, was held to determine in Yemen, and received Bush’s Ambassador Barbara Bondine entry ban. Instead, Khalid Al-Midhar was granted a fresh entrance visa for the USA in June 2001. (…To)

The author Lawrence Wright spoke with some of the civil servants of FBI unit I-49, which had been stated for al-Midhar, she had experienced her by his role. That they did not learn about it, so believes "At least half of the guys in the Buro", had to do with it, "that the CIA al-Midhar and Al-Hazmi protected because she hoped to recruit the two".

11.9. Ten years later

Or, we had added that they had them "had already recruited in the joint venture with the Saudi colleagues – as V-Manner (or Agents Provocateurs?) In the ‘logistics center’ from Al-Qaeda ?" A speculation, which, of course, by the events quoted above for the alleged "Logistician" (The mirror) of the 9/11 connection was fundament.

"Surprisingly, more than thirteen years ago no one in the CIA DAFAUR has become publicly responsible", Jane Mayer now writes in "new Yorker". Instead, those responsible rose theirs "protecting hand" on the "Hijackers" kept in the CIA career ladder. So also Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, whose known names Mayer in their article still gives them a tailor-appropriate title: "The Konigin of Torture".

After NBC and Glenn Greenwald had disclosed shortly thereafter the agent (under journalists already long known) identity of the agent, a difficulty with the torture report now also in German was clearly: unlike early senate examinations on intelligence activities, which were published The names of the agents are not replaced by pseudonyms, which makes it difficult to track the actions of individual persons and to take responsibility for their misconduct.

In the case of Ms. Bikowsky was the relatively easy possible because it was earlier noticed several times: in camouflage spateren 11.09-"Hijackers" Al-Midhar, first in the "waterboarding"-Meetings with the alleged 9/11-"Mastermind" Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) for which they in March 2003 "over zealously" (Jane Mayer) to one "black site" After Poland flew, as well as for the carryover and mistreatment of the German State Burger Khalid El-Masri, whom she still stuck in a jail in Afghanistan, when it was clear, as it was clear that it was a confusion with a name-like supposed Al-Qaeda functionar act.

In addition, as the conclusions of the Senate of the Report, it has, according to which the tortures have not brought no intelligence knowledge, the US congress for hearings about the "Extended hound methods" with success reports several times in the wrong. Because of the Falls of El Masri, the Green MP Christian Strobele has asked the GeneralBundesanwalt to request the unadorned full version of the torture report to examine the criminal responsibility of Mrs. Bikowsky. That "European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights" has on 17. December criminal complaint against the "Architects of torture" George Tenet, Donald Rumsfeld u.a. posed.

Only with charges against those responsible can be those from the Western "Commitment" be preserved with treasured legislation

Since the "Konigin of torture" has a concrete name and thus a loading address, such investigations were on the rule of law without a question, but politically, is to be expected that, as in the case of the Fundamental Rights, the NSA is the right here more likely to be followed. The long-term colleague Strobeles in the parliamentary control committee for the intelligence services, Wolfgang Neskovic, in its initiation of the torture report, lays the legal implications that had to follow according to German and international law from this investigation.

Whether and where it comes to charges because of the torture report, a decisive Prufstein for that high is good, that in the western "Commitment" Legal state is called. Since the United States will not be able to account for the responsible persons and that the Volkerstraffic Protective and Crime of Humanity is unified international criminal court in the Hague, because the US does not acknowledge him – along with countries like North Korea, Iran or Syria, the otherwise on the "Axis of evil" are placed – especially the 41 European states, which have so far been recognized by the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. You were able to initiate investigation in your home country – even if it is foreign countries between foreign nationals.

The Konigin of Torture

The first prisoners in Guantanamo 2002. Image: US Navy

The fact that the torment of people pay attention and, in a systematic, state torture, it is a crime against humanity, which must be punished – where such fundamental legal obligations are in question and remain unconnected, on the other hand, can hardly talk about the rule of law. be. Therefore, it seems aheadable to refer to the well-existing constitutional state in the US, only because 560 of 6000 pages examination report after years of thaw between the parties was now published in highly edited form.

As long as there are no consequences of it, as long as the taders continue to office and were rewarded, as long as they rewarded and excellent for their deeds – MRS. Bikowsky seemed to be a 825 in 2012.000 dollar villa in the near the CIA official residence in Virgina – but are not attributed to the responsibility, as long as there is a double morale instead of the right and instead of civilization barbarism.

But if the euphemistic "Matched Verhore" baptized torture methods No intelligence-relevant findings brought and the Senate Investigation Commission from the CIA to these methods "Anti-terror-made" could not be a single one, so if these avoids were not only deeply inhuman, but also consistently ineffective, why were they then performed again and again ?

The case of "Torture" Alfreda Bikowsky and her double role before and after the 11.9.In 2001, a light was able to throw this question: neither the protective hand over the alleged 9/11-"Logistician" Al-Midhar, still the 183 Waterboarding orders of the alleged 9/11- "Mastermind" Khalid Sheikh Mohamed served the recovery of findings. They served the formation of legends.

Part 2: A new inquisition.

Wolfgang Neškovic (Hrsg.) The CIA Torture Report – the official report of the US Senate to the CIA Internation and Horse Program, Westend-Verlag, 624 S. 18,00 Euro.

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