The highlights at netflix, disney + and amazon prime video in october 2020

The highlights at Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video in October 2020

Kelly (Rose Byrne) and Mac Radner (Seth Row) go to the 30 and are considerably spacious when they want to admit themselves. The couple lives with his baby in a quiet premises, where they cultivate a good ratio to their neighbors and are also open and friendly on new residents. But one day in the neighboring house the student connection Delta PSI Beta moving in and the house as well as the nearer environment explores to the party zone, the relaxed suburban life is history for the time being. After several night residents, the Radners agree on some behavioral rules, but when these are broken, a neighborhood war begins as he stands in the book. Bad Neighbors Is from the 23. To see October 2020 at Netflix.

Trailer for Bad Neighbors (Source: Universal Pictures Australia)

The Mule

The nearly 90-year Earl Stone (Clint Eastwood) stated as a young man in the Second World War and then made a name in the horticulture industry. His family he has always neglected – which is why his wife has separated and his daughter has turned away from him. In addition, he has a bunch of debt and his house should be forced. As an unknown on a family celebration makes him a lucrative job offer, he immediately accepts this in his despair. Without knowing what he has begun, he finds his suddenly in the middle of Mexican drug dealers, for which he should smuggle drugs over the border. Earl does his thing well, but sooner soon in the focus of the DEA agent Colin Bates (Bradley Cooper), who is on the track from him. However, before he gets caught or eliminated by the drug cartel, he wants to make the mistakes of his past with the help of his new, enormous income. The Mule Run from the 6. October 2020 at Netflix.

Trailer to The Mule (Source: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Utopia, Season 1

Becky, Ian, Wilson and Grant are fans of the fictitious comic novel The Utopia Experiment. Her shared interest she leads to one day on the internet – where they demolished the secrets of the novel. In doing so, they are on Jessica Hyde, which surprisingly exists the main character of the novel, and on a mysterious manuscript, the devastating catastrophes predicts. That the group is owned by the manuscript will soon be from the secret organization "The Network" noticed, which also interested in the secrets of the book. The 1. Season of Utopia goes on the 30. October 2020 at Amazon Prime video at the start.

Trailer to Utopia (Source: Amazon Prime Video UK)


Gus and Dave share an exciting hobby: they travel cross and across the country to discuss reports of terrible, partly unacceptable events. At the same time, visit all sorts of abandoned and scary places, such as hidden bunkers, abandoned hospital or old churches. However, they did not only drive on-site investigations, but also want to get over the lane with self-made device also overlong phenomena. During their not very serious investigation, however, they suggest a conspiracy that not only threatens them, but all humanity. From the horror comedy series TRUTH SEEKERS Is there from the 30. October 2020 at Amazon The 1. Season to see.

Trailer to Truth Seekers (Source: Amazon Prime Video)

The Mandalorian, Season 2

Disney + sends on the 30. October 2020 the second season of The Mandalorian race. If the first season still takes place almost completely in and around the microcosm of the Mandalorian, the story in the second season but is significantly further: while the native continues to be in the center of the series, but now the story will now be around Baby Yoda as well as the imperial boseweight Moff Gideon and his legendary Darkat paid. There are also old acquaintances from the Starwars-Universe in the new Mandalorian-Season to kick the plan. Further details about the plot of the new season are not known yet.

Trailer to The Mandalorian, Season 2 (Source: Star Wars)

All new movies and series in the overview

The following table shows all the new films and series that appear in October at Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video and including subscribers.

➤ Titles that are available for sale or borrow at Amazon, are not part of the listing!

Disney+ Release date
Forever and ever 02.10.
Amoco Cadiz: Olkatastrophe of the Century – National Geographic 09.10.
FUNF FRIENDS 1 – 4 09.10.
Ferdinand – goes stirring! 16.10.
Maman me: California Dream 16.10.
Cloud 16.10.
Mr. Popper’s penguins 23.10.
Once upon a time there was a snowman 23.10.
Big Sur – California’s Wild Kuste – National Geographic 30.10.
Castle Schreckenstein 1 + 2 30.10.
The little ghost 30.10.
The island of special children 30.10.
Hui Buh: The castle ghost 30.10.
Once upon a time – it was once: Season 3 02.10.
Maman me: Season 1 + 2 09.10.
Once Upon A Time – It was once: Season 4 09.10.
Traces of lost city with Albert Lin: Season 1 – National Geographic 09.10.
Once upon a time – it was once: Season 5 16.10.
Binny and the spirit: Season 1 + 2 23.10.
Europe from above: Season 1 – National Geographic 23.10.
Once upon a time – it was once: Season 6 23.10.
PJ Masks Shorts: Season 1 30.10.
Once upon a time – it was once: Season 7 30.10.
The Mandalorian: Season 2 30.10.
Amazon Release date
The pianist 01.10.
Apocalypse Now 01.10.
Thilda and the best band in the world 01.10.
21 Bridges 06.10.
Black box 06.10.
The Lie 06.10.
Walk the line 07.10.
Everything usually 07.10.
Come to daddy 08.10.
Tommaso and the dance of the ghosts 13.10.
Evil Eye 13.10.
nocturne 13.10.
Bombing 13.10.
Surrogates 14.10.
Dragon’s frames made easy 3: the secret world 15.10.
Time (OV / OMU) 16.10.
Ash 16.10.
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan 16.10.
Arkansas 18.10.
The deep sea divers 20.10.
Vice – the second man 21.10.
Little Miss Sunshine 22.10.
Chaos on the fire station 23.10.
Lady Business 23.10.
Ey man, where is my car? 25.10.
28 Days Later 28 Weeks Later 26.10.
Baby Driver 27.10.
The Boy Brahms: The Boy 2 (Director’s Cut) 30.10.
All OR Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur: Season 1 (Omu) 02.10.
Savage X Fenty Show: Vol. 2 02.10.
The Walking Dead: World Beyond: Season 1 02.10.
Young Sheldon: Season 3 06.10.
Fear the Walking Dead: Season 6 12.10.
The Bold Type: Season 4 16.10.
What The Constitution Means to Me: Season 1 16.10.
Inside SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Season 1 16.10.
NOS4A2: Season 2 23.10.
Utopia: Season 1 30.10.
TRUTH SEEKERS: Season 1 30.10.
The Challenge: ETA: Season 1 (Omu) 30.10.
Netflix Release date
Pasal chew! 01.10.
Serious man 02.10.
Vampires vs. The Bronx 02.10.
Il Legame – The binding 02.10.
You already do that 02.10.
Judy 02.10.
Òlòtūre 02.10.
Dick Johnson is dead 02.10.
Does Cory Flitzer: Halloween 02.10.
David Attenborough: My life on our planet 04.10.
The Mule 06.10.
The Cabin with Bert Kreisers 06.10.
Star Strip: Halloween heroes 06.10.
Hubie Halloween 07.10.
Spook in Bly Manor 09.10.
The Forty-Year-Old Version 09.10.
Ginny weds sunny 09.10.
The Supermonsters: Day of Monster 09.10.
The Octonauts and the Great Barrier Reef 13.10.
Blackpink: Light up the Sky 14.10.
Rescue for Roona 15.10.
A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting 15.10.
La Revolution 16.10.
The Trial of the Chicago 7 16.10.
The magic school bus is traveling again – Miss Fissel times three 20.10.
Rebecca 21.10.
cadaver 22.10.
The Alienist – The Circuit: Angel of Darkness 22.10.
Lucy 23.10.
Bad Neighbors 23.10.
The colorful side of the moon 23.10.
Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine 27.10.
Guillermo Vilas – a correct position 27.10.
Blood of Zeus 27.10.
Nobody Sleeps in The Woods Tonight 28.10.
Holidate 28.10.
The secrets of the Grabstatte of Sakkara 28.10.
His House 30.10.
The Day of the Lord 30.10.
Good morning, Verônica 01.10.
Carmen Sandiego: Season 3 01.10.
A lousy witch: Office 4 01.10.
Song Exploder 02.10.
Emily in Paris 02.10.
To the lake 02.10.
To the lake 07.10.
The contemporary university 09.10.
Spook in Bly Manor 09.10.
Fast Furious Spy Racers: Season 2 09.10.
Stranger: Season 2 11.10.
Kipo and the world of miracles: Season 3 12.10.
Social distance 15.10.
La Revolution 16.10.
Someone has to die 16.10.
Grand Army 16.10.
Dream house makeover 16.10.
Puppy Academy: Season 2 16.10.
Jack, the Monsterschreck: Book 3 16.10.
Unolved Mysteries: Ie 2 19.10.
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman: Season 3 21.10.
The Alienist – The Circling: Season 2 22.10.
You me: Season 5 22.10.
Barbarian 23.10.
Perdida – missing 23.10.
The Ladies Gambit 23.10.
Chico Bon Bon: The Monkey with the Tool Turtle: Season 4 27.10.
Suburra: Season 3 30.10.
Somebody Feed Phil: Season 4 30.10.

For the case that you have missed the new releases of the youngest time, we have once again summarized our highlights of the past months in a picture section.

The Amazon and Netflix highlights of the past months

The highlights at Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video in October 2020

The 1. Season of The Witcher Run at Netflix – a second season has already been explored.

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