The dreams of empires

New enemies need the world

Two edges are observed in the current cinema: Romer and alien films give each other the latch in the hand. Random or expression of a time?

A few years ago Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt Empire, a leading report on the stand and the prospects of current capitalism. Among other things, it was to read that that "Empire" in his such form basically no "Dub" More know because the techniques of recuperation and collection are so sophisticated "Dub", A serious dissens in the true sense, no longer possible.

The dreams of Empires

Centurion. Image: Constantin movie rental

If that’s true, then there is a problem, as always you want to define them, because without exercise enemies, not only the internal tensions of the world societal continuums are finely deriving; There is also a bit of the salt in the soup, if it instead of one Frontier only management gives. The last shape of the Frontier has at that time "Fight of cultures" shown, and since which is not so up-to-date like once, you are looking for a new one.

Difficult if the whole world is already consumed more or less on the search thereafter. But where the risk of stagnation is, the saving of the new fight also worship, and if you understand the cinema as a public dream of capitalism, then this salvation is already very close.

The dreams of Empires

Eagle of the ninth legion. Image: Concorde film rental

In recent years, Romerfilme has come to the cinema, which have discussed exactly the question, where the empire stopped and the barbarism begins, the suddom of Schwarten King Arthur pays as well as the surprisingly good centurion and the since the beginning of Marz in German cinemas Ongoing eagle of the ninth legion (in the original Eagle).

Amazingly reflected barbarian films

In an extended sense, one could also pay the very disturbing and pessimistic Valhalla rising, if one understands the portrait of Christian Vikings portrayed there as Empire Squalus and the culture to which they meet as "The barbarians". Even "Avatar" 1: 1 can be mapped to this scheme if it also from nihilism "Valhalla Rising" could not be further removed.

The dreams of Empires

Valhalla Rising. Image: bbc movie

It is noteworthy that all these films can not be considered as a pure propaganda. Myself such a drug rind like "King Arthur" is at least able to offer a multi-dimensional character as an identification figure, even if the movie otherwise bleeds from bloders only so bulges. and "Centurion", the advertised and touted was like a pure hack Slash adventure in sandals, turns out to be astonishingly reflected and at the same time exciting saga about the hollow of spatimperials – whereby the barbarians are not a stucco idealized.

The dreams of Empires

King Arthur. Image: Buena Vista

The endpoint of this discourse is "Valhalla Rising", all the fabric of honor, civilization and Christianity, but also demased by the brave insist on the autochthonous, until nothing remains abnormal than the universal rule of violence. If in this way no way out, no sensory conflict can be found in the past, no salvation in the war of durable civilization against the backlash barbarism or the nuclear-originary edeles against the decadent spatrom, when the pics, the Indians who have disappeared the nature people (and never existed in the hated-beloved form), where comes the new opponent?

Leather stocking of the future from the universe

From the space natural. And there we now have a whole series of films that do so as if the firty of the last century had never been confident, just as little as the cold war against the rich of the boses, or as the noble wild as projection flat decadent salvation was never dubious. "Avatar" gave us the leather stocking of the future, skyline offers an inferior infusion inferior alienschmonzetten from sixty years ago, and Battle: Los Angeles completes this series of spiritual and asthetic defeats, in its laughable pseudodo-style claim, this bridge into the past to the tereman-applied rotating saucers Also plotmabig attacks, free according to the motto: if it is already embarrassing, then correct.

Skyline. Image: wild bunch

if "Valhalla Rising" The intelligent, completely disillusioned endpoint of the Empire / Barbari discourse is, then creates Cowboys Aliens the crème of nonsense when it comes to the recovery of the frontier. Movies contained in their titles tend to be either complete mull or ingenious; Trailer and abstract of "Cowboys Aliens" (German theatrical release on the 15. September 2011) Enter the fundamental amption that genius was not in the game.

The dreams of Empires

Cowboys Aliens. Image: Paramount Pictures

In contrast to the wise and less wise films from antiquity and medieval over the fight between Empire and Barbari are the embarrassment of the past and coming Alieninvasions propaganda of the very simple way. In an interesting expansion, films on the whole other / the future offer only the broad-preset platens of the film-historical past, while the current films that take their substances from antiquity and medieval people are consistently more modern. Modern not in the sense that the film art is reinvented here – but at least in terms of reflection.

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