Teslas cameras: ard jerks privacy concerns in the light

"If a vehicle ride in the public traffic area and still record all others, this is a clear privacy. That must not be." With these words about the cameras built into electric cars of the US manufacturer Tesla cited the ARD magazine "Contrast" The Data Protection Officer of the Land Baden-Wurttemberg, Stefan Brink. Such cameras were always used only in individual cases with a concrete event. In addition, for automakers is the data usage "the second rough business model".

Constanze briefly from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) completed in the report: "The FULLE of data, which is now available, is editable." The informational self-determination was danger. "When does someone work? When is someone on vacation? Maybe someone is every third week on Saturdays in a hotel? With whom he moves there?", Short examples. Someone who has information about the people can probably "Power over me".

The driver can view the video data and, if necessary, save and edit in other places, but only four of the eight ale cameras in modern Teslas. What the camera-directed camera and the incurable four abscal cameras recording, Connles alone influence to Tesla, it is called in the "Contrast"-report. The records could be retrieved by Tesla by remote access, the holder had no control over the data processing.

Teslas algorithm

Tesla wants to capture telematics and video data to improve its autonomous driving systems, but also operate marketing with the data. When a recording is started, a Tesla algorithm decides. It is problematic that the cameras take up the environment in high resolution and the videos are stored in unmfolded. People and, for example, license plates are clearly visible. The pictures could be evaluated fully automatically by Tesla.

Contrasts had broken down to Tesla chief Elon Musk during his Germany’s visit, whether data from the cars were transferred live. Musk have replied that was wrong. A live streaming does not take place. The manufacturers control the data protection officers of the Federal Standers in this country in which a company has their German Due to. In the case of Tesla, the status of the new factory in Grunheide soon could overst over the Brandenburg authority. A spokeswoman warned loudly "Contrast" already, this was "to a further massive workload, which are hardly too forced goods in the already strained personnel situation already".

The permanent eligible recording is fundamentally violated in Germany against data protection. However, in May 2018, the Federal Court of Justice decided in a revision procedure that such recordings are used in accident processes as evidence. on the usability also of inadvertently or unlawful evidence must be decided by an interest and good assignment due to the circumstances of the individual case, the BGH was judged at that time.

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