Term “failure” for the biography of g.w.bush

And once again a Google bombing succeeds to bring a political comment with the search engine

That bush is a failure, that will now be subordinate from the search engines Google and Yahoo. The joke is old, but it is always nice and at the same time shows that the ranking of the results, as they are ied by search engines, can also be manipulated by the outside. So if there are a real pages that link a term, the page ranking, which includes popularity as a factor, specifically. But conversely, you can also urge that in a search term a website is no longer in the first place, as has a blogger initiative presented, which had success that when entering "Jew" no longer has been listed as before an anti-Semitic website in place.

At the end of October 2003, George Johnston had called for his blog Old Fashioned Patriot to do so that many of them on their pages "Miserable failure" to link to the biography of Prasident Bush on the website of the woman’s house. This is easy and bush was when someone is looking for Miserable Failure at Google to George W’s first place. Bush guided. And this Google bombing had worked for a month.

If you still meet on Bush, if you enter the search term, then it follows Jimmy Carter and third place the website of Michael Moore. Sometimes more original was the idea of the search term "Weapons of Mass Destruction" First of all, a 404 website to Hieven, which worked for a time. Closing and patriotic, on the other hand, Iranian bloggers of Google had brought to the entry of Arabian Gulf in a successful imitation first to ie a website as an error message on which it is called: "The Gulf You Are Looking for Does Not Exist. Try Persian Gulf" (Generation Persian Golf).

During the US campaign, Kerry’s website was ied in the first place for the search term Waffles (Speaker). In the British version of Google you will find recently after the memo was known about the decided war from 2002, when entering the term LII comes first the biography of Tony Blair. at "poodle" but he is only in place 5th. Also in Austria you have made a joke and leave fully incompetence the website of the Easter-Rich Minister of Finance Karlheinz Grasser in the first place. Give Google.Com Buffone stands Silvio Berlusconi at the top. That’s the same at Yahoo.

In the meantime, Google also gives the biography of Bush on the website of the sowing house under Failure in the first place. This also applies to Yahoo, while MSN still preserves a distance to Google and did not get away from there, as the c’t search engine optimization competition of the C’T with the presence concept of Hommingberger cheetah trim. At the second, Google also comes with the Michael Moore website, shortly on the third place by the biography Jimmy Carters. But that’s time again quickly fallen to the second page back.

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