Tenfold battery capacity by air drainage

Tenfold battery capacity by air drainage

Hannover, 22. May 2009 – Researchers of the Scottish University of St. Andrews see the possibility to increase the capacity of batteries through a new design to tenfold. This was announced by the British Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Instead of the Currently Cobal Oxyd Electrode from Lithium Cobalt Oxyd is currently used for the new battery type poroser carbon. This should react when unloading with oxygen from the ambient air and thereby release electrical energy. The oxygen replaces a chemical component of producing batteries; That’s better than to transport them in the battery, the head of the research project said Peter Bruce. In addition, the porose of carbon is a lot cheaper than lithium-cobalt-oxide, so the Scot.

Series application at the latest 2014
Current batteries provide a capacity of about 130 milliams per gram used lithium cobalt oxides. Those of their developers "ST. Andrews Air "(Stair) Baptized batteries were able to store in the first attempts of up to 1000 billion hours per gram used in the first attempts, according to the researchers. That with just under 1.6 million pounds Sterling (CA. 1.8 million euros) Required research project "Oxygen electrode for lithium battery" is still running until mid-2011. With a series production of the batteries they have developed, the researchers do not expect 2014.

From the researcher’s point of view, the technology has the potential to improve the performance of portable devices such as mobile phones or laptops. The use of renewable energy could also give you a boost. Because the batteries are also suitable for the use of wind or solar energy "lumen" as a power buffer to compensate for. In addition, the procedure was facilitating to develop lighter drive batteries for electric cars. The goods make an important progress in order to achieve higher ranges with consistent or lower battery weight. (TIG / C’T)

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