Tails 4.8: new version of the live system brings many security fixes

Tails 4.8: New version of the live system brings many security fixes

The developers of the anonymous live operating system Tails have provided a new version: Tails 4.8 Fubs on Debian 10.4 (Buster) and is protected against a whole security swag. Users is therefore recommended, as soon as possible on 4.8.

The Linux Distribution Tails ("The Amnesic Incognito Live System") Supplies users to move (possibly) anonymously on the Internet to bypass state censorship and leave no traces on used computers. In addition, it brings with tools to protect sensitive files and digital communication from unauthorized access.

Fixes for Linux kernel and software

In version 4.8 eliminated security swallowing from Tails 4.7 drove the developers in an overview. Fourteen of them relate to the Linux kernel, which in the new Tail Release on version 5.6.0 has been updated. From Debian has been updated for the GNUTLS library (Debian Security Advisory DSA-4697-1). The safety chucks CVE-2020-13777 allowed in some versions to read in the course of man-in-the-middle attacks:

On another Debian Security Advisory (DSA-4701-1) refer the Tails developers in relation to Intel microcode updates, which should protect against attacks for reading CPU caches. We have the relevant leach in some time in two separate our site messages:

  • Modified attacks require BIOS updates (CVE-2020-0548, CVE-2020-0549)
  • CPU security joke in Intel processors bypassing core boundaries (CVE-2020-0543)

Tor and Firefox were also updated in the course of the new releases and in this way freed from known security joke. Further details can be found in the advisories linked in the overview.

"Unafe browser" Now inactive by default

Of the "New features"-Range of Release Notes about Tails 4.8 includes only two points. On the one hand, the so-called "Unafe browser" Deactivated by default. Unlike the Tails for today’s tile browser, this gives the real IP address of the user price – and thus undermines the actually targeted anonymity.

Even if the unsafe browser is not used, he could, according to the developers, revealed theoretically identifying information in combination with security. Therefore, in the Release Notes, you will always advise you to activate it only temporary when logging in to so-called Captive Portals (for example, to log in to WLAN hotspots). Additional information provides a tail info page for using the unsafe browser to Captive Portals.

Tails 4.8: New version of the live system brings many security fixes

The second innovation ensures that settings of the "WELCOME SCREEN" Temporarily permanently stored in the persistent storage area of a USB stick with tails. In version 4.8, however, this feature is only available for the unsafe browser settings; It should be in 4.9 can be extended.

Tails 4.8: Update and installation

Whoever uses Tails from a USB stick can be used as of version 4.2 Abstracting an automatic upgrade. How to make a manual upgrade, a contribution explains on the Tails website. For the reinstallation, the Tails developers provide instructions for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Tails 4.9 should be on 28. July 2020 appear. Curious find information about planned innovations in the roadmap for fine tail versions.

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