Swisscom: bank data instead of video or postident

Swisscom: Bank Data instead of video or postident

Legal identification on the Internet should be a little easier. For various contract and directors, such as a new mobile phone contract, a legally secure identification of the persons involved is mandatory. in the Real Life takes place by identity card or signature.

For example, the procedure used on the Internet requires the passport to post (postident) or a video chat with a video identification provider, which can not be integrated into the end of UBERS network. Customers respond to such impertins with a demolition of the transaction.

Identity by bank

Swisscom Trust Services now offers "Smart Registration Service (SRS) Bank" a new method for identification. The identification method "SRS BANK" Uses the identity already determined and confirmed by a bank in the displacement displacement and confirmed identity.

The customer must specify his bank data, the procedure examines this data at the bank and then confirms their validity and delivers data like name and date of birth. The result is a qualified electronic signature according to Eidas Regulation. According to Swisscom Trust Services, this examination can be seamlessly registering in order processes on the Internet.

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