Sudafrika: which turns ramaphosa does without election?

Sudafrika: Which points Ramaphosa does without election campaign?

Map: Grun: Anc. Yellow: there. Brown: IFP (Zulus). Purple: Vryheidsfront Plus (Boen). Red: eff

Although the ANC lost vote, but in parliament, however, has an absolute majority again

After the parliamentary election in Sudafrika, whose earnings became known on the weekend, the ruling African National Congress again has an absolute majority in parliament. This Parliament will now be Cyril Ramaphosa for the prassident election, which declined Jacob Zuma last year (cf. Sudafrika: Venda Ramaphosa Lost Zulu Zuma AB).

Roughest opposition party There could not benefit from the losses of the ANC

The first year of his term of office had denied Ramaphosa in election campaign mode. Now it will show what he does if he is no longer (as before) under immediate election campaign. And because the G8-Plus-5-Land Sudafrika is not any African area, but by far the economy of Africa, his turning positions could affect not only sads of the lung threshold, but worldwide.

Although the ANC lost 4.65 points from 62.15 to 57.5 percent, but cut better than the last local elections, where the party nationwide came to 53.6 percent nationwide (cf. ANC loses at local elections in Sudafrika). The large opposition party Democratic Alliance (DA) could not benefit from the losses of the ANC and ended with 20.77 percent even 1.55 points below their earnings of 2014.

She was especially considered as a party of the seen and the colored Afrikaans spokesman in the Western Cape Province (in which she once again has the majority in the regional parliament), but has been caught by Mmusi Maimane since 2015, whose father is Tswana and his mother Xhosa. The theologian had recruited that a renewal of Sudafrikas "with the ANC not possible" be because one "Systematic corruption […] already taken the whole party and from there from the whole state" have.

Mugabe fans in 3rd place

The third party party became the extremist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of the former ANC Youth Organization Chief Julius Malema (cf. South Africa: "Fall" want to abolish natural sciences). It increased its earnings from 6.35 to 10.79 percent, with its fanatical appendants to reach a historically low turnout in the amount of 65 percent.

Ware the EFF a German party, had the Federal Scarf Court No Muhe to ban her. Therefore, because Malema said the Arab broadcaster Al-Jasira, he and his uniform red uniformed pears became the SudaRican government "Remove with the weapon in hand", If you do not disappear different.

The Pedi (North Sotho) was excluded from the ANC in 2012 after he asked to stream the government of the economically successful neighboring Tswana State Botswana. The long-term head of state of another neighboring country, Robert Mugabe, presents the school leaflets as a role model because he exerted mass farmers (cf. Zimbabwe relies on the validity of his preservation). Such expropriations propagates the eff-"Commander" also for Sudafrika, where they should take place not only in agriculture, but also in mining and energy sector. And despicable. The song "Kill the boer", The quasi-hymn of his movement, even calls to death to death.

Were expropriations of farms only a stopover on the way to Chinese investors?

The BBC saw an important reason in prere by Malemas EFF that the South African state prosident and ANC chief Cyril Ramaphosa prospects in prospects prior to the parliamentary election, although they could have oconomically similar consequences as those in Zimbabwe. There, from the former cereals exporting grain chamber was a country that his burgers could no longer serve, which is why they emigrated to Sudafrika in the zeromers (cf. Bursted dream of "Ubuntu"To).

If Ramaphosa wants to avoid that, he did not have to sell the farms to dissatisfied downcomers, but to investors with appropriate know-how and capital (cf. BRICS states warn against trade conflict with the USA). Malema trail without specialist training and investment potential, which were surprised with a profitable management and to go foreseeable bankrupt, were then only one stopover.

Capitalist Party with purple cow as a symbol

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) – a Zulu Party, which was mainly in the north of the province of Kwazulu-Natal’s strongest power and increased its share of the vote of 2.4 to 3.38 percent. Percentage The clearest increase posted the Buren Party Vryheidsfront Plus, which improved 0.9 to 2.38 percent and received more votes in several rural constituencies than their competitors. She also has to owe its growth to the phras of the Plaasmorden not to be reached by the state authority (see. Diplomatic tensions between the US and Sudafrika).

All other parties remained below one percent – including the Congress of the People (COPE), which was still 2.2 percent in 2011, the Sharia Islamists of Al-Jama-Ah, the African Alliance of Social Democrats, the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), the Capitalist Party of South Africa (ZACP), whose symbol a purple cow and the tribal trailer party South African National Congress of Traditional Authorities (Sancota).

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