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The globalization friend Tony Giddens is now involved

Genoa and Bonn, G-8 summit and world-classonferencing have recently shown it again: The convergence of a wide variety of states, cultures and communities for the final world society is much fruitful and more difficult than expected or predicted by sociologists and globalization friends. The media, networks and free trade "unleashed world" requires a rapid democratization. And that is called: the paying, control and guided by politics. In any case, it looks like it and printer okologists and Vatican, Burger Shot and Equality Representatives, Third World Shop Owner and Journalists of Le Monde, Cultural Protections and other advocates of a mabben resp. "Responsible capitalism". Under the rather diffuse logo of "Globalization opponent" have been formed into a loose social protest movement that is necessary for mobile radio networks and electronic communication.

And so it is now demanding of Jurgen Haberma’s Tony Gidden, former spindoctor of the British Prime Minister and Father and inventor of all third ways, in his latest work, without sharing the worries, concerns and insisting all of these Mahner, Warner and Being Controllers somehow or to them totally agree. The book is about readings that Giddens wrote two years ago for the BBC. The Suhrkamp Verlag and his consultant Ulrich Beck found his thoughts well for so stimulating, exciting and communicable that they determined these funf radio lectures, which are completed for themselves and each respond to globalization, risk, tradition, family and Democracy, also to present in this country.

To anticipate it: the proof of the need for this action can hardly compete. Rarely is content offered, which goes beyond what we know about Giddens and his ideology. The suspicion is suggested that a brand is sold here, the name of the author. The publisher seems to have thought about the publication in the publication especially about the info elite and Focus readers. Only then is it to explain that a flat discourse is unwound and the reader is offered, one Globalization light In quick pass, so to speak.

But that can not surprise. From the protagonists of the "Third way" If you know this to the genuoy: with many words in the matter saying little, has always been your motto. Why this narrow book probably best consumed on the beach, beer garden or on your own terrace, with a beautiful espresso, a Campari soda or a gorgeous Weubier. The content will not demolish the beautiful environment. About the pleasant sites of globalization, of the opportunities they stand for the elites of humanity in politics, economics and culture, will be predominantly paralised. Sometimes about their enemies: the fundamentalists. From the dark sides of globalization, on the other hand, the reader experiences little or nothing, about organized crimetat, mafiose structures and money washes, about the verification of whole landscapes, the destruction of workplaces and the social detention of entire populations maybe or over the economy of open or hidden burger wars, racial riots and social exclusions, for example.

Which is to be understood in globalization in the narrower sense, as it differs from other areas and room conversions in the past, also remains after the trembles of Nebulos. Auber you are already satisfied with the idea that this time is a completely different than the previous one. After Giddens has raged as a globalization friend and the worldburger, he charges the trimming that the trillions of dollars, banks, fund managers and a large number of private investors at mouse click on the planet are transferred to our livelihoods "revolutionary" Impact, but of no "Collective will" being controlled.

With "Grafting" he did not like globalization but not equating, and with "Americanization" already not. Rather, he floats the picture of a "reverse colonization" before working in style communicating pipes. How Emergency and Poros cited the thesis of the frequently Capuccinization of the world (Hybrid or mixed culture) is knitted, those examples with which Giddens tries to underpin: the culture of Latinos, which Las in the straws or in the films Hollywoods. Indians who caught in Silicon Valley or in Bangalore for Western companies and create new software; Brazil selling SOAP Operas to Portugal and Spain, and thus transformed western culture into a hybrid. Alone the selection of these examples, whose can no longer be found in the book, demonstrates that Gidden is as safe in his matter as it is safe. The values of the Western Man, As it is called by Wyndham Lewis, the pursuit of prosperity and individual gluck, has already grabbed there in the pots of those affected and producers…

After all, Giddens tries to show that globalization does not solve the economy alone, which engages world trade and global capital and financial markets, but directly in the everyday life of the people and there both intimate and private areas of life (sexuality, marriage, family) touched. In his view, traditional family forms and institutions (coarse and small family) came, especially above all because of the Rader, because women believed their traditional role and realized equality and individual lifestyle in the form of a professional career. However, what the (on) desire of women with globalization should have to do is remain gidden’s secret. The consequences of this emancipation were in many areas, in working life as well as in politics lane. Furthermore, all those communities that were arrested ancient structures and life forms, a devaluation (destraditionalization). But this does not mean that traditions, stories and languages disappeared. Rather, they, like wearing the kilt in the Scots show, staged as a sign of differential and otherwise ritual and symbolic.

Who wants to find here Alexandre Kojèves analysis of the Japanese society, which he has described in the firty years as a government official of the EC with one of his trips to the Far East, as one of the potential consequences of the end of history. Finally, the global world finally know the concept of "Risk" and the "Risk management". To live in the global age, meant to finish with a variety of new risks, with risks that themselves are made like: Ermervement, BSE or AIDS. That against them, can be as much risky like a omission or the response of risks, but forgets Giddens to be acquired. On the other hand, it remains completely unclear why the concept of risk, operators with possibilities, probabilities and uncertainties expression and outcome of the monovalia, How it should be in France. The suspicion is suggested that Giddens like other thinkers of the third path here again globalization or globalization. Conflicting social systems to the global society with the concept of modernity, with the "second", third or how many modernity also always.

However, it is about confessing color, to be concretely and to show ways, recipes or even remedies, like the Runaway World, so the original title of the bookshop, braked, sampled and politically could be lifted and maintained, then the reader must not only look out strenuously, he also finds a lot of empty formulas, desired and political absorbance clarifications that stand for concrete and practical proposals for remedy.

Of course, Gidden is planning for further democratization of existing institutions; Of course, he wants to make the power of burger and civil society strong and a political balance between government, economy and civilian actors. However, however, such a promotional court could look and work, the Briton is silent from. One "Democracy of the hid", What Giddens the ideals of a successful relationship: openness, mutual trust, talk and dialogue readiness means this ignorance for the time being. Gradually, she should take possession of democratic institutions and conquer them, so to speak from below, colonialize and rewater; And of course, Giddens for rapid expansion enters transnational governance. Nothing else had been expected from him. As a pioneer Dafur Gidden calls the EU’s seriousness. And only because the national states gathered there have voluntarily renounced parts of their sovereignty.

It is might be that Giddens has a new enemy picture and maintains. As a like the geopolitic Samuel Huntington, he fears the Clash of Civilization, The Cultural Burger War and sets a new slaughter and World Burger War Order: "On the battlefields of the twenty-first century, fundamentalists and cosmopolitan tolerance will be protruding." Unimpully, as you might have to yoot. The correct thing is that fundamentalism is a new concept that comes with the globalitat. The fundamentalist represents the other side of the free trade, so to speak, he is the Bose Bube and enemy of open market, cosmopolitanism and hybrid culture. Fundamentalists, whether ethnic, religious or nationalist motivates, according to Giddens, demand the backlog on basic writings and texts; They derive not only principles for the social, political and economic life, they also occur for space and national separation and defend limits and traditions, if necessary, with violence.

Good and pious world burgers like Giddens are known. Light shapes like they are characterized by the fact that they are the "cultural diversity" Love, burying the encounter with the stranger and feel the other and the others as enriching their lives. He is not free of curly but also your world. Live in a world that "the Holy" has abolished, the cosmopolitan does not want. Why he has long been looking for alternatives, caught and value regulations, for example, for whose inventory, validity or disregard he is also ready to use violence. Finally, tolerance and dialogue is not anything about something, but around "Values of universal nature". And because also such a cosmopolitan morality of "passion" and enthusiasm must be satisfied, the worldburger should soon be prepared for him to beat the worldwide. How does Gidden say a place in a place:

"None of us had anything to live for what it’s worth living if we did not have something to die to die."

And so at the end of all the hopes, risks and opportunities that are enriched with noble thoughts and a lot of blabla, but still clear text. But the cosmopolite is no longer risked for such dirty tasks. There are mobile operations with high-tech weapons that hold cosmopolites under Sold. At any time they are ready to maintain the maintenance of tolerance, dialogue and free trafficking with weapon violence anywhere in the world. However, they prefer to die for the fundamentalist enemies, Islamist Kamikazes, Taliban God Warrants, Albanian Commonists or African gangs. WOFUR is spent a satellite clarification, steering crakes and F 117?

Antony Gidden, unleashed world. How globalization is changing our life, Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp (ES 2200) 2001, 115 pages, 16.90 mark

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