Start of the xbox series x – s: xbox live with registrations above requested

Start of the Xbox Series X-S: Xbox Live with registrations over requested

To start the new game consoles Xbox Series X and Series S was Microsoft’s Network Xbox Live in the meantime unavailable. On the evening of the 10th. November several users could not sign up with their account on their Xbox. The functionality of the consoles was therefore strongly crazy because, for example, no games download was possible.

Xbox Series S X in the test of Our Site

With the website allests.DE went mainly from 19 to 20 o’clock numerous user reports – to German primetime. At 22 o’clock there was therefore problems again. Meanwhile, the Xbox live traces seem to be resolved to the portal.

The Official Support Account of Microsoft’s Xbox Departments confirmed Xbox Live Problems around 19 o’clock on Twitter. At 11 o’clock then followed the success message: All mistakes were fixed, the login is now smooth again.

Sold-out game consoles

Xbox Series X and the little sister Xbox Series S have been consulted since yesterday. Especially the rough Xbox Series X for 500 euros was virtually sold out since the opening of pre-orders. The 300 euros more expensive Series S can be ordered on the other hand.

The trunks at Xbox Live did not only affect the owners of the new consoles: the network is also used on the advice of the Xbox One Generation. Even owners of an Xbox ONE or ONE X were thus affected to the start of the new consoles.

In the US is on the 12th. November already the start of the PlayStation 5 before. In Germany, buyers must still be up to the 19th. November. As with the Series X, it is not easy anyway to order a PlayStation currently: The PS5 was also sold out since opening the pre-orders. Sony has also decided not to offer any consoles in retail store due to the Coronapandemic.

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