Spain leads 30 km – h-speedimit withinorts

Spain introduces 30 km-H-speedimit withinortets

In Spain, there is now within town on most strain a speed limit of 30 km / h. Tight straws with only a lane, as it often gives you in the old states, can be used even only with a maximum of 20 km / h. Only on city sausages with more than one road per direction is still 50. In Barcelona, there is now a 15 percent of all threads a speed limit of 30, wrote the newspaper La Vanguardia.

Who drives too fast, the threaten bubbanks between 100 and 600 euros and the deduction of up to six of the eight points, surviving the driving start. If the points are all, the fuser license is gone. Also tourists should take care of, because Bubgelder from Spain can also be enforced in Germany. However, it was questionable how the new rules should be controlled. So far, there are radars usually only on remote.

The head of the Spanish dusk (DGT), Pere Navarro, charged the new Tempolimits with the high number of inner-stadtical traffic soders. "The speed until now (50 kilometers per hour) was really a nonsense", he said. 2019, so in the last normal year in front of the Corona pandemic, 509 people in the urban strain traffic are inappropriate in Spain. With the new highest speeds, the risk suggests that a fub gathered by a car die is 80 percent.

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