Sony zv-e10: system camera with aps c sensor and focus on video

Sony ZV-E10: System camera with APS C sensor and focus on video

With the ZV-E10 Sony has introduced a mirrorless system camera targeted to video producers. It also fends in seamlessly to the e-mount system and can be considered accordingly with changing lenses. In the bundle, the ZV-E10 together with the zoom lens 16-50 mm F / 3 should.5-5.6 are delivered. About 850 euros should be fally for that. The housing alone will cost 750 euros, so Sony. Heartstuck is a sensor in the APS C format with a resolution of 24 megapixels.

Sony ZV-E10: System camera with APS C sensor and focus on video

The BODY of the ZV-E10 is a bit more compact and lighter than the housing of the current A6000 series. A viewfinder does not have it.

Although the housing is strongly reminiscent of the siblings of the A6000 series, but it has to do without seekers. For this purpose, the backside display – completely the video focus is correspondingly – rotating and swiveling. His resolution is with 640 × 480 pixels, however, everything else than contemporary.

Focus mode for product videos

Core competence The ZV-E10 is Video, Sony itself is the model therefore Vlog system camera. It takes moving picture with a maximum of 4k resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) with 30 frames per second (max. 100 megabits per second). According to Sony, she uses the full pixel reading of the sensor. Full HD recordings records it with a maximum of 120 frames per second.

She is waiting for special automatics for Vlogger. For example, it has a mode for product printers, which should provide for soft focus mountain: the mirrorless the focus of the focus is on a face until a product is kept close to the camera.

Sony ZV-E10: System camera with APS C sensor and focus on video

The Sony ZV-E10 is a mirrorless system camera with e-mount. She is trimmed on video. Accordingly, it not only has a turning and swiveling display, also a windscreen for audio recordings is based on delivery

Such functions also reflect on the housing, because Sony puts their own buttons available. This applies, for example, for the bokeh mode for optimized background creatures. Likewise, there is a control element for the quick change between photo, video, slow motion and time-lapse recordings on the top. The housing itself is comparatively easy with about 340 grams, which should make selfie recordings easier out of hand. An electronic image stabilization should provide for compressive recordings.

Your videos should also stream users live. However, the camera requires a connection to PC or smartphone. Sound takes you on a 3-capsule microphone, which is delivered with windscreen. Furthermore, microphones should be connected via the accessory shoe. For example, in the accessories of accessories, the manufacturer leads up the ECM-B1M, a Rich tube microphone.

Sony ZV-E10: System camera with APS C sensor and focus on video

To ensure a comfortable operation of the video functions, Sony brings many of them to direct buttons.

Update the ZV series

These features are not unknown in the Sony cosmos. Already the ZV-1 introduced last year dominates these tricks. However, as a compact camera, she has to work with a fixed objective and its sensor comes only to a coarse of type 1 inch. With the ZV-E10 Sony writes the series and professionalizes it at the same time.

With the focus on Vlogger Sony is not alone. Also competitor Panasonic has been aimed for a long time with various advice as the small Lumix G110 or more professional GH5 II targeted to the video-affine target group. Profiles for an optimized dynamic range or live streaming obedience here, for example, the functions. Canon has trimmed its youngest EOS-M camera, the EOS M50 Mark II, also trimmed stronger towards moving picture. For example, you can stream via WLAN and works like the ZV-E10 with APS-C sensor. With lens you cost a little more than 700 euros.

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