Sony sets on tvs on mini leds and artificial intelligence

Sony sets on TVs on mini LEDs and artificial intelligence

Sony promises a lot for his upcoming BRAVIA TVs: the high-end gates from the new XR series include organic displays with high peak brightness and LCDs with many small light emitting diodes in finely dimmable Direct LED backlight. So Sony joins LG and Samsung, who also introduced to CES contrasted displays with Mini LEDs.

Sony wants to help the screens auber with improved hardware also with artificial and cognitive intelligence on the sprung: The new XR processor is intended to introduce a human perspective in the representation by focusing those shaping people in reality, including the digital screen be smucked in the focus.

Sony XR TVs

Sony sets on TVs on mini LEDs and artificial intelligence

For the image analysis Sony segmented the file in small zones.

Similar methods are already used for the optimization of moving pictures, Sony now wants to yield them to factors of human perception. The image is divided into many small zones in which contrast, colors and brightness can be optimized as a function of the sharp spot. In the worse case, this leads to a stronger separation of front and background, in the better to a contrasted representation with more depth – the result will show tests. In how many segments is divided the picture for the analysis, Sony did not betray.

Mini LEDs for more contrasts

The zones for image analysis have nothing to do with the zones in which the backlight of the LCD TVs let it dimming. Unfortunately, Sony also is silent about this number. Since MINI-LEDs come to the XR models, but it will certainly be more than that of Sony’s existing 16 zones. LG had promised 2500 zones for his new high-end TVs, whether Sony uses more or less dimming zones, the manufacturer did not want to reveal.

Sony XR TV models

Sony sets on TVs on mini LEDs and artificial intelligence

Sony’s XR TVs in your "natural environment".

There will be three LCD TV series with Mini LEDs FURSFURS FULL ARRAY LOCAL DIMMING (FALD): Z9J, X95J and X90J. All benefit from the so-called XR contrast boost to improve the top brightness for HDR discharge: The 8K top model Z9J has the highest level 15, it will be relevant with 75 and 85 inches diagonal. The X95j with 10er Boost FURS Fald-Backlight comes in 65, 75 and 85 inches, the X90j with 5er Boost is offered in 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches. The exact information on contrast, luminance and other technical characteristics will be announced later later.

The presentation in bright surroundings also wants to improve Sony through a new anti-reflex coating. In addition, the insight angle of the XR-LCD TVs should have been improved, colors and contrasts so from the side looks even more constant.

High top brightness for OLED TVs

With coarse insight angles OLED TVs have no problems anyway. With its new OLED models A90J and A80J Sony has also improved the luminance. Furthermost brightness is now to be particularly bright details – explosions, candle flickers in dark castings etc. – All four subpixels light up, so RGB and woman. In order for the organic layer to heat up by the stronger power burden, the manufacturer has laminated an additional aluminum foil on the display jerk. It is supposed to remove the warm better and thus prevent the potential removal of content.

The colors benefit from the high basic brightness, man is perceiving them as a more powerful. The contrast is impressively high at the OLEDs thanks to their rich black value anyway. The supposed contrast boost in the OLED TVs is therefore actually a luminous boost, while he is achieved in the LCD TVs above all about the reduced black values of the Local Dimming.

Bravia XR TV Line-Up 2021
series Resolution Screen Display technology Contrasting Audio Language search
Z9J 8K / 7280 x 4320 pixels 75 inches, 85 inches LCD with Full Array Local Dimming XR Contrast Booster 15 Acoustic multi-audio Hands-Free Voice Search
A90J 4K / 3840 x 2160 pixels 55 inches, 65 inches, 83 inches OLED XR OLED Contrast Pro Acoustic Surface Audio + Hands-Free Voice Search
A80J 4K / 3840 x 2160 pixels 55 inches, 65 inches, 77 inches OLED XR OLED Contrast Acoustic Surface Audio + Google TV
X95j 4K / 3840 x 2160 pixels 65 inches, 75 inches, 85 inches LCD with Full Array Local Dimming XR Contrast Booster 10 Acoustic multi-audio Hands-Free Voice Search
X90j 4K / 3840 x 2160 pixels 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches LCD with Full Array Local Dimming XR Contrast Booster 5 Acoustic multi-audio Google TV

In addition to the mentioned advised from the XR series, Sony offers LCD TVs this year with the X1 processor known from 2020; These are the model from the series X85J and X81J. In addition, there are LCD TVs with Android operating system, but only Full HD resolution from the W800 series. All other Sony TVs show 4K resolution with 3840 × 2160 pixels or 8k with 7680 × 4320 pixels in the Z9J.

XR sound and picture

In terms of sound, the OLED TVs are different from the LCDs at Sony: Ceritors are the sound directly from the screen surface. Acoustic Surface Audio calls Sony’s procedure that wants to use Kunftig lg for its OLED TVs. At Sony you will find the acoustic screen surfaces already in the previous year’s models. They use small actuators that put the surface surface in vibration and project the sound directly to the viewer.

The LCD TVs from the XR series are now designed with additional built-in speakers via 3D surround 5.1.Produce 2-channel sound. The 8K TV Z9J uses small actuators on the display frame auber various speakers.

The XR TVs support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. You master the Netflix Calibrated mode and deliver with Imax Enhanced Rampasted images with more andive DTS tone. In addition, they are prepared for the automatic calibration with Calman and deliver according to Sony in the user image preset Image Settings as the Filmaker Mode offered by many other TV manufacturers.

The signal inputs should HDMI 2.1 support, ie 4k / 120 Hz and 8k / 60 Hz including VRR and ALLM as well as EARC. Whether this is away from the start, or later will be submitted by update, Sony could not say. You are waiting for the finalization of the HDMI specification, strolled it. The same applies to the current Sony TVs.

Design and equipment

The design of the Gerate has easily handed over Sony, the mouse of massive, but slender TVs are now attached to the side. If the stand in the living room is not enough, you can also move the bare to inside. If the soundbar is placed under the screen, Sony’s Sony Higher Much delivers on stilts.

New is the so-called Bravia Core, an app from the Google Store of Android TVs. It is only available for the 2021 TVs and offers different many free movies from the Sony Picture Universe depending on the model. For this Sony promises best picture qualitat thanks to higher bitrates. Films from the IMAX library are also offered, later should add more platforms. Read more about this "Bravia Core": Own video streaming service for Sony TVs with up to 80 Mbps

In addition, Sony has added its Android TVs a new 4U tab. In the bar, the series and shipments preferred by the respective viewer are displayed and suggested for matching content.

Update: Some graphics were removed on request from Sony

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