Snapchat: less user growth, more sales, higher losses

Snapchat: Less user growth, more sales, higher losses

The photo app Snapchat has missed its optimistic forecast for the growth of the number of users in the past quarter. The thrust recorded at the beginning of the Corona crisis has graduated faster than expected, said Financial Chief Derek Andersen on Tuesday.

The number daily active users rose within three months from 229 to 238 million. Snapchat himself had challenged 239 million in the first quarter. The share of the company mother Snap fell by six percent after presentation of the figures in subsequent trade.

Sales increase

Meanwhile, sales increased by 17 percent to $ 454.2 million in the course of the year, around EUR 394 million, and thus exercised the expectations of the analysts, from the quarterly report from Snap. For the current quarter, Snap again no official sales forecast ied, as the development of the advertising market was difficult to predict in view of the Corona crisis. The internal calculations were based on a revenue growth of around 20 percent, said Financial Chef Andersen.

Snapchat has more advertising companies from the gaming business, can attract streaming services and online trading – so from sectors that are among the winners in the Corona crisis. Meanwhile, revenues remain out of the travel industry. In the third quarter, the advertising lots are also traditionally powered by sporting events and film premiers – with both this year is hardly too expected.

It remained unclear to what extent Snap can benefit from the current Facebook boycott of numerous advertising customers, which demand a harder approach to hate speech and false information from the world-growing online network.


The quarterly loss rose to almost 326 million dollars of 255 million a year earlier. Snap referred among other things at a one-time special one year ago. Top Manager Jeremi Gorman stressed, the debate has snap "Turen open". She at the same time moved a clear dividing line to Facebook: At Snapchat, it was not possible for a unhamed user to send at the entire community and this difference is important to many brands.

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