Shortly informed: apples control, google’s privacy, ps5, youtube

Shortly informed: AppleS control, Google's privacy, PS5, YouTube

No billion-heavy taxable tax payment from Apple

The EU General Court in Luxembourg tipped the tax assessment of the EU Commission to Apple in Ireland. Apple does not have to pay the 13 billion euros required so far. In April 2016, EU Competition Commissarin Margarethe Vestager Apple asked to pay taxes because Apple has received inadequate tax relief from Ireland. The EU Commission now has two months to appeal against the decision. Then the dispute was going forward to the European Court of Justice.

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Action accuses Google misguide for privacy settings

"Google promises user control and privacy. In practice, Google is a Voyeur Extraordinaire." This reproach raises a new collection claim in front of the Federal District Court for the Northern California. It is mounted that Google offers users the possibility to prevent the recording of web and app activities. But then data was collected. Lever for the inexorable data collection is the software Development Kit Firebase used for million apps. Apps with Firebase Code was registered every call to an app page while at least reporting the URL of the page, the reference page and the name of the page to Google Server.

Sony ride supposedly production of the PlayStation 5 high

Sony has launched the production of the upcoming game console PlayStation 5. This reports Japanese daily Nikkei and the Japanese offshoot of the news agency Bloomberg. Accordingly, Sony has corrected the prognosis due to the corona stress upheld demand for video games and consoles. Nevertheless, the sales success of the end of the year is not considered as secured by Sony and Microsoft from Sony and Microsoft. Among other things, this is because both companies have not yet mentioned prizes for their consoles.

YouTube brings more breaker advertising

From 27. July will be substantially more youtube videos be interrupted by commercials. So far, a video had to be at least ten minutes to be able to get bias advertising also breaker advertising. This threshold now reduces Youtube to eight minutes. The Krux: The change also concerns all already uploaded videos, even if the high-load interrupter advertising has deactivated. Who earns money with his YouTube channel and still no breaker advertising is welcome, must log in and turn off the interrupting advertising. For each video individually.

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