Short tried: distribution av linux 2021.05.22 for multimedia enthusiasts

Shortly tried: Distribution AV Linux 2021.05.22 for multimedia enthusiasts

When it comes to editing videos or picking up high quality audio stucco, most users were not allowed to come to mind as a suitable operating system in all first Linux. Typical criticisms and reservations are missing counterparts to popular proprietary tools for Windows or MacOS, rather hard-to-use, too complex alternative programs and a supposedly missing realtime support.

The AV Linux based on MX Linux occurs to prove skeptics to the opposite. As a project of a rather small development team, AV Linux combines a current, specially adapted Linux kernel with the – in the opinion of the AV Linux developer – best tools for multimedia machining under Linux. We have published the end of May version 2021.05.22 tried shortly to find out if the distribution stops, what the developers promise.

AV Linux 2021.05.22 tried shortly

Shortly tried: Distribution AV Linux 2021.05.22 for multimedia enthusiasts

Well equipped

Ardour is a complete digital recording studio for Linux, open source software and an integral part of AV Linux.

In the heart of MX Linux

At the end of 2019, AV Linux Chief Developer Glen MacArthur decided to change Debian Stretch to MX Linux as the basis for its distribution. MX turns into Debian; However, advantages for multimedia enthusiasts arise from its focus on particularly high stability and performance in combination with optically appealing and efficient desktops. Especially audio enthusiasts are known as well as and above all with latency in computing, for example in the context of live recordings.

According to Macarthur, the MX kernel herself herself better than the standard model of Debian. However, because the main developer was still not satisfied with the standard MX kernel, AV Linux continues to use on a specially adapted kernel with various realtime patches.

Of course, the relationship with MX Linux also ensures that Av Linux has the tuning tools concerning MX Linux on board. Less experienced users may take a risk of losing themselves in the shallows of the AV Linux menu, because for almost every set screw of the system, there is a corresponding tool for editing. Successed users were allowed to feel the many advancing possibilities more likely to benefit.

Upstay, but some drag

The AV standard desktop is XFCE. As Window Manager, however, MacArthur does not use the Window Manager XFWM-based XFWM, but OpenBox. So the developers, is again clearly resource-saving than the standard XFCE tool and leave more resources for audio and video editing as primary tasks of AV Linux free. Overall, the desktop does not work like a typical XFCE desktop: Menu, start bar and system tray are more arranged as you know it from Windows or KDE. That may be a keynagation of potential Windows transducers, was allowed to fall in most cases at all not even states.

Rather, some users were allowed to take off that the AV Linux desktop ex works quite colorless and drag from. Who fan of the "Dark fashion" is possible with the standard OpenBox theme probably well. Whoever likes it more colorful, must switch to another desktop theme – unfortunately, the distribution is not clearly lightered by the distribution.

On the ears

But how is it very concrete about the audio and video skills of the system? A look into the "multimedia"-Menu quickly clarifies that Av Linux is indeed directed to professionals in Multimedia. Audacity, with which opportunity DJs can do, is self-resistant to the system. However, professionals need more features – and so Av Linux has two pre-installed Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) on board: the Open Source program Ardour on the one hand and the proprietary Harrison Mixbus on the other hand. Ardour can be used without restrictions, MixBus works as a demo version, for which to acquire a license on the manufacturer’s website. Even exotic audio codecs, which the user needs took moreover for his work, are preinstalled in the system.

Also in terms of integration of separate hardware, for professional audio editing, AV Linux takes a lot of work to the user. It is available from the factory Jack, Alsa and Pulseaudio – and these are also set up that Ardour and Co. you recognize. No matter how the admin then drives the hardware, it should be reliable in AV Linux. And Ardour and Mixbus are just two examples of the audio assortment in AV Linux: Included in addition, Zynaddsubfx, Shuriken or the Drum Sampler Sitala.

Moving image art

Also versatile shows Av Linux in terms of video editing. In addition to standard tools such as the VLC Media Player or MPV, the video editor KDDLIVE designed for KDE are also found, as well as a FULLE of tools to demuxe, decode or encode different video formats. The ripper and converter handbrake is also fixed to the scope of delivery of AV Linux. For friends of 3D modeling and 3D effects, Blender offers a huge range of functions that you can also use as a user.

Your package will complete the AV Linux developers with various tools to provide audio and video files with standard-compliant tags and if it is necessary to provide graphically appealing graphics. GIMP and Inkscape are therefore the same as the image management shotwell.

For Linux-affine professionals necessarily worth a try

Although quite well "Everyday tools" As Firefox, Thunderbird or LibreOffice are preinstalled, the focus of AV Linux on audio and video editing is given to its high performance substructures and the FULLE on supplied professional tools in the "multimedia"-Folder of the start menu unmistakable.

Users who want to deal with these tools and want to cover their work or their ambitious hobby project with a Linux system, find an extremely potent distribution in AV Linux, which will take you a lot of installation and configuration work from the outset. The support for special hardware and the consistent optimization for efficiency ensure that it is not the latest for good results "Complexity" with 64-core CPU requires.

The developers provide AV Linux as a bootable ISO file with live mode on their website. If you prefer installing AV Linux, starts the installation routine over the context menu of the desktop from the live mode. The password for the sysadministrator "root" is, as well as that of the "demo"-User, "demo".

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