Semiconductor production: china advertises aggressive tsmc engineers

Semiconductor production: China advertises aggressive TSMC engineers

In times of trading war with the US, which companies like Huawei comprises from international chip papis, China is struggling to promote the domestic semiconductor industry. Apparently, in particular, the Taiwan Chip Order Tiger TSMC, whose development department has been working as a clockwork.

According to a report of Nikkei asian review Two Chinese companies TSMCS engineers have taken visor: Quanxin Integrated Circuit Manufacturing (QXIC) and Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (HSMC). Definitions presented a subordinate problem, Primar was lacking in malicious employees.


Since 2019, both companies have booked about 50 experienced engineers and managers from TSMC. Coarse tolerate serve as lens: 2- to 2.5-fold houses, bonuses and promotion opportunities to high-level positions. Shang-Yi Chiang – from 1997 to 2019 Research Manager and Father Chief Operating Officer (COO) at TSMC – works as CEO at HSMC.

Earlier, Chinese companies had won crossbeet engineers; meanwhile they should make the so-called headhunters much more targeted in leading companies. At the same time, China invests converted many billion euros in building new production. However, organization and communication should lead to problems: local governments and investors were bleeded by favor in the state, without necessarily suspecting matter – here to have semiconductor production -.

HSMC wants to build a Fab for just under 16 billion euros, which produced from 2022 chips with structures of 14 and 12 nanometers. An internal roadmap notes loud Nikkei asian review In the following years a change to 7-NM technology. At the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), the previously largest Chinese semiconductor manufacturer, already rolls today 14-Nm chips from the flower band, but in comparatively small quantities.

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