Securing the future viability of your company in the supply chain

This involves both stabilizing and safeguarding the existing business areas and products. Far more than that, fundamental changes in mobility exert massive pressure for change on companies.

Automotive supplier individual car parts of the supply chain


Ingenics AG supports its customers in answering the key questions:

  • How can suppliers secure and improve their own position in the supply chain??
  • What opportunities are there for companies to fully meet their deadlines, delivery commitments and contractual agreements??
  • Which measures will provide decision-makers with the necessary transparency about their own company, KPIs and the supply chain?
  • How should the supplier deal with the buzzword “digitalization”?? Which path should the company take in order to leverage digitization potential sustainably and in a way that is specific to the company??

Based on decades of intensive support for the automotive industry, Ingenics AG sees four central fields of action for companies

Leveraging digitalization potential

Automotive suppliers Digitization potential and digital links


For many, digitization has now become a buzzword used inflationary. But what is really behind it? What is the right way for a supplier company in the automotive sector to really benefit from digitalization??

Ingenics AG is also pursuing its customer-specific approach, which starts with an inventory of processes and IT systems. The perspective and thus Master plan will always involve the entire company, all departments, their interfaces within and into the supply chain or the supply chain itself. to the customers will be.

However, the recommendation and approach is based on the jointly defined priorities so that changes are feasible and successful parallel to the demanding day-to-day business. This also means that the Employees, companies, some of which are critical of this buzzword, become part of the initiative. Active persuasion work is carried out during the projects and each individual is informed and qualified by means of appropriate training.

For the supplier, leveraging digital potentials means the Intelligent networking of all players of the automotive supply chain, thereby achieving greater transparency in processes.

This is made possible by the availability of the relevant data in real time. Under the keywords Assembly/manufacturing 4.0 (networking of data and information structures of previously separate areas) or. Internet of Things (IoT – connection and networking of devices and machines that previously operated in isolation and provided information for themselves via an IoT platform), the company is tapping into considerable potential for improvement in information, communication and decision-making.

As a result, the company then has an Highly agile process structure and supply chain, which can be informed in real time and adjusted very quickly via control impulses. The vertically and horizontally integrated IT systems form the basis for this flexibility and responsiveness.

You can find more information on this under the heading “Digital transformation and Industry 4.0”.

Creating transparency

Intralogistics Cockpit 4.0


The more complex the structure of the automotive supply chain, the more varied the links to sub-suppliers and the more detailed the process structure, the more important the issue of transparency is for automotive suppliers.

And this applies not only to Tier 1 suppliers, but also to those in subsequent tiers. Reflexively, one would now certainly throw in the keyword “digitalization”. Yes, digitization plays a major role here – detailed information on this in the fourth field of action. But before it comes to digitalizing things, it must first be determined how transparency is to be created.

When it comes to transparency, the focus should be equally on the supplier’s own company and its production, but also on the supply chain and the subcontractors involved. The goal must be to create an “Ingenics Intralogistics” system with powerful IT support Customized business intelligence solution to be developed. Ingenics has then developed its own business intelligence solutions, which are customized in each case – the “Ingenics Cockpits”:

  • “Ingenics Production Cockpit 4.0” with the focus on the supplier’s own production area
  • “Ingenics Intralogistics Cockpit 4”.0″ with a focus on logistics processes on the company’s own premises and the option of connecting subcontractors

The cockpits provide the relevant information in a customized manner. They are based on the industry-specific and extensive experience of the Ingenics teams.

The Ingenics cockpits are the only ones on the market that combine classic IT know-how (with the keywords business intelligence and digitalization) with extensive expertise on the store floor, in process optimization and the lean approach.

Stabilize processes in the supply chain

Automotive supplier Stabilize supply chain processes


The more complex the supplier structure and the more diverse the interdependencies, the more challenging it is for the automotive supplier to keep the business processes in the supply chain stable. It often takes a great deal of effort to fully meet deadlines, delivery commitments and contractual agreements in the direction of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

In the analysis of the fields of action, the status and the potential in the supplier-related processes are identified, which can then be, standardized methods can be tapped:

  • Optimization of the organizational structure
  • Optimization of project management
  • Optimization of business processes and workflows (Business Process Management – BPM)
  • Optimization of order management
  • Optimization and harmonization of production systems
  • Application and implementation of Lean methods (5 S method, CIP process, etc.).)

The methods aim at a sustainable and stable improvement of process quality and the introduction and use of the CIP approach (continuous improvement process). At the same time, the processes are examined with regard to the current IT support and, according to the motto “IT follows Process” Proposals are developed and implemented with the company.

In case of necessity and willingness this Optimization across companies – i.e. also for the automotive sub-suppliers themselves instead of. Ingenics can thus ensure that appropriate structures and processes are created on the sub-supplier side that match the requirements of the upstream company.

At Result the company has stable processes in the entire supply chain, operates with higher efficiency and significantly reduces manual power efforts. Cooperation with subcontractors is optimized and this harmonization increases the attractiveness of the upstream company as a client.

For more information, please refer to the service module “Process and Organizational Consulting”.

Optimizing supplier management

Networking Supplier Management


Acute crisis or sustainable optimization? Where are the current needs? In both cases, Ingenics AG provides support!

In the case of acute crisis with a subcontractor, rapid intervention is the top priority. Ingenics provides an interdisciplinary team together, analyzing the crisis in the shortest possible time, Intervention measures derives and accompanies its implementation. The precarious situation is thus defused as quickly as possible in order to avoid further or greater repercussions. However, the issues identified during the intervention should then serve a fundamental review of supplier management.

The crisis is usually the escalation of fundamental problems of a sub-supplier or. of the Supplier management in itself – i.e. a fundamental issue. This is about long-term cooperation and supplier management over the entire life cycle of cooperation in the automotive industry.

Ingenics AG supports its automotive customers in setting up and professionalizing a systematic supplier management system Supplier Management System. Thereby the following Targets in the foreground:

  • Ensure cost efficiency and delivery reliability
  • Define and secure the quality of delivery
  • Optimize procurement costs
  • Control suppliers effectively and efficiently
  • collaboratively optimize cross-company processes
  • Minimize supply risk sustainably
  • Establish and expand strategic ties with important suppliers

The Result shows a concept- and KPI-based management system that provides a detailed overview of your own sub-suppliers, their current performance and development status at any time.

For more information, click here on the “Supplier Management” service module.

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