Search for pay-tv fraud in several federal tags

Search for pay-TV fraud in several federal tags

Due to inspirable pay-TV fraud in coarse style, investigators have tapped in five federal stations. Overall, nearly 100 officers set 18 search decisions in Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, as the Attorney Officer Bamberg announced on Tuesday. The action took place last Wednesday, was made up of investigative tactical reasons but only now.

Decline pay TV licenses

At the sight, two brother agreed at the age of 37 and 35, which should be part of a network. The Attorney General now introduces investigations against several conventional in FUNF Bundeslanden "commercial computational fraud and commercial unauthorized procedure in technical protection measures".

They are intended to be illegally depleted pay-TV licenses in several hundred customers in Germany and Europe. The damage due to the so-called CardSharing should be in the millions.


The starting point of the current maws was a search in August last year at the age of the two brother, who still lived in the north Bavarian Kulmbach. At that time it was about money washes, the investigators also discovered indications of the previously persecuted prematurated.

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