School summit: common educational platform and money for admins

School summit: common educational platform and money for admins

Representatives of the federal government and countries have understood themselves on a further school summit that the federal government takes a total of 6.5 billion euros to digitize schools. With the money, above all, textbooks and beneficial children should "with suitable conditions" be supplied, the Federal Government explained. The federal government also participates "Training and financing of technical administrators of the digital infrastructure of schools in the amount of 500 million euros".

Also, the federal government should develop a umbrella education platform. The planned portal will "Connect existing systems of the countries with the aim of providing content in all educational areas".

So far, there is no common line here: Landers like Baden-Wurttemberg are planning their own platform and also want to use Microsoft Office products, which refuse data protection. Niedersachsen, Brandenburg and Thuringen, on the other hand, build on the Schulcloud, which was required by the Bund and built by the Hasso Plattner Institute, as a learning and work environment "in the sense of digital souver animent and the European data protection law".

Generally, Bund and Lander want "High quality digital educational media" Provide especially in the form freely available "Open Educational Resources". Also "Intelligent Tutorial Systems" be developed.

Help for socially weaker families

At the Round of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with the cultural ministers of the Lander were also Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek, Chancellor’s Chief Helge Braun (both CDU) and the SPD chairman Saskia escapes involved. The latter spoke of one agreed "Educational and participation package", To compensate for disadvantages of socially weak families in Corona times. You wanted to use in this context for the need for the need for the need for the fact that the best schools in this school year "a subscription to a qualitiated tuition platform".

Already in August, sentenced of the coalition and the Lander had agreed in a smaller round, even teachers ultimately overlook the original EU funds with service computers such as laptops. For this purpose, around 500 million euros are planned, which should first be prepared by the Confederation. This corresponds to the sum that has already provided black-red already over the economic stimulus package to provide needy schoolers with loans like tablets or notebooks. Bund and Lander now raised "The immense meaning of digital learning" out. The fiber optic internet attachment now had to be removed for all schools.

The gross throw had failed, said the chairman of the Association Education and Education, Udo Beckmann. He spoke of absentee clarifications and lack of awareness of the necessary speed. "We continue to miss an uncessional digital basic equipment of all schools, a federal government for digital and media formation as well as a clear commitment to a digital pact plus", explained the education expert of the Grununen in the Bundestag, Margit Stumpp.

The Hamburg Data Protection Officer Johannes Caspar lamented that many companies and education institutions at the beginning of the Corona crisis had set comfortable – often commercial software. But it can not be the goal, "unlock any communication channels and alternatives for school teaching, where those affected often pay with their data". Digital educational offers and learning platforms therefore had to be critically reviewed, new offers are created. Content should "Media and data protection skills" being constructed, "In order to speak in the school context critically about excesses of the digital world such as manipulation, Fake News and Hate Speech".

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