Samesite attribute: google chrome urges safe cookies

Samesite attribute: Google Chrome urges safe cookies

Chrome removes only cookies of the site, on which the user is currently located, so first-party cookies. Third-party cookies must be explicitly reported as Samesite = None and also be limited by Secure on HTTPS secured pages so that Chrome transfers them. Google wants to make the track more transparent over several pages, and it should improve the settings in blocking cookies or make finer.

Google was explored in February with introduction of Chrome 80. Because of the corona crisis, it was first returned to harm the stability and accessibility of websites in such a time. Google apparently amed that also pages from the health sector, governments and organizations have been affected. According to the magazine The Verge But now it starts soon. With the start of Chrome 84, the 14. July is scheduled, the Samesite cookie update should come.

With the update, users should decide whether they want to loosen all cookies that operate the website-umushring, but they keep those who are stated for stored data on one side, so about logins. Website operators must perform appropriate.

More security, less cookies

Only last week, Google, as part of new privacy and security functions, had been asked to make the management of cookies in Chrome’s overviewant. In incognitoma mode, third-party cookies are also blocked by standard mab. So far, they remained until the end of the secret session. Tabs also get an eye icon leading to the settings in which individual cookies can be locked or allowed. The functions are distributed by Google just and after.

Firefox and Safari block third-party cookies in general. Firefox preserves users with a report even an insight, how tried to track them. Even fingerprint scripts blocked the browser standard mab. Safari lets first party cookies, but also gets this after seven days when you have been set by JavaScript and unless the appropriate page was visited again.

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