Sales double: amd recorded another record quarter

Sales Double: AMD recorded another record quarter

AMD achieved another record quarter at the beginning of 2021: sales was $ 3.45 billion – an increase of 93 percent compared to the first quarter of 2020 ($ 1.79 billion). The profit has more than tripled with $ 555 million (Q1 / 2020: 162 million US dollars). Also in comparison with the end of 2020, the sales increased by a few percent due to the persistently high hardware demand.

All divisions have grown according to the announcement in the first quarter 2021. The end customer project around Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics cards, "Computing and Graphics" Called, for the first time in AMD’s corporate history, the brand of 2 billion US dollars made. The division recorded a plus of 46 percent to 2.1 billion US dollars. At the end of 2020 she was just under the 2 billion threshold.

According to corporate chief Lisa Su, the influence of Krypto mining is said "negligible" be. Due to the narrow storage interfaces, the current RDNA 2 graphics cards Radeon RX 6000 are less FURSE etherum mining as NVIDIAS GeForce RTX-3000 series. Both companies had already succeeded the effects of Krypto mining in the past.

Sales Double: AMD recorded another record quarter

AMD’s sales trend: The persistently high demand made in the traditionally weak first quarter for an increase.

EPYC on the rise

AMD’s enterprise, embedded and semi-custom division boomed again with an increase in sales of 286 percent year-on-year. 1.35 billion US dollars she has led to the courts at the beginning of 2021. With an operational profit of 277 million US dollars, it continues to be profitable – a year ago that looked different.

In particular, the EPYC processors for servers and data centers sell well according to AMD. In addition, the current console generation around Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / S and Sony Playstation 5 with Combi Processors from AMD brings a constant cash flow, but with lower margin as EPYC CPUs.

For the second quarter 2021, which is now ongoing, AMD expects sales of 3.6 billion sales and thus more than forecasted for the beginning of the year. The sales expectations for the complete year 2021 therefore corrects the chip manufacturer from around 13.4 billion to 14.6 billion US dollars. AMDS share was stable after the announcement of the business numbers at almost 73 euros.

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