Rip-off at car sales? Accusations against tv-known car portal

Fraud on eBay classifieds

The magazine “AutoBild has in one of its last issues the car platform “” tested. The frightening reproaches: potential buyers were lured with offers, which did not correspond to the final purchase prices.

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Reproach: Is “” really a “Abraumer AG?

Quickly and easily sell his car – brand and condition does not matter. The platform “”, among other things by their omnipresent TV advertisement admits, promises an uncomplicated car sales “at the best price”.

According to self-disclosure, the company certified by TuV Saarland has already 800.000 vehicles purchased. Behind the enterprise the car 1-Group stands, which mediates the bought cars over its own portal to dealers further.

Apparently with success: according to the “Handelsblatt” newspaper Auto 1 has received 360 million euros from venture capital funds Target Global, Princeville Global and Baillie Gifford as well as from several banks in the summer.

The magazine “AutoBild has now made serious accusations against the company and called it “Wirkaufendeinauto”.de” in its current issue (45/2017) as “Abraumer-AG” called. What is the basis for the accusations?? Accusation of false bait and switch offers

  • The editors made a random test with an Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo (year of manufacture 2013, mileage 59.000 kilometers). The car was offered for sale to an Opel dealer and an independent dealer as well as privately advertised on the Internet. In addition, the car offered for sale.
  • The result: In a private sale you would get for the Astra according to the assessment of the magazine about 11.000 Euro. With the contract dealer one made for the Opel an offer of 9000 euro, with the free dealer 8900 euro were offered and with us 9950 euro. A used car assessor of the DEKRA came in a value appraisal to 8950 euros.” offered the highest achievable sum (apart from private sales) via online evaluation.
  • The hook: Instead of the promised 9950 euros came at the on-site appointment in the branch of the disillusionment. Only 8271 euros was the actual offer – a difference of about 1700 euros.

Auto-Bild: Platform works with false bait offers

The mask of the side for the free evaluation of the own passenger car - here false decoy offers were offered?

The “AutoBild therefore speaks of a bait-and-switch offer with which the company is luring customers. “The employee refers to a small scratch in the roof and to the fact that he had no influence on the pricing”, reports the car magazine. The information and pictures of the cars are sent to the company’s headquarters and the affiliated dealers can submit purchase offers. You save then the sighting on site.

The question arises how such a high difference between online price and actual purchase price at Wirkaufendeinauto de can be is explainable. Other portals such as or offer price evaluations. If one enters the price given by the “AutoBild”, the system calculates a predicted price selected Opel model, for example, in the online rating of, the system calculates a prospective purchase price of 8300 euro.

So pretty much exactly what was paid for the example Astra in the “AutoBild” magazine was really offered in the end. In contrast to does not buy vehicles itself, but offers the seller two options: He can either advertise his car privately – hoping to get a better price – or sell the car at one of Mobile’s partner dealers.

Statement: Group refers to “800.000 satisfied customers”

It is clear that the condition of a used car can of course influence the valuation, which was only estimated online beforehand. That knows Everyone who has ever been ripped off for a leased car because of minor damage to the paintwork or dents. The Opel Astra in the sample, however, was according to DEKRA appraisal almost flawless.

Easier to explain are the variations at the retailers. An authorized dealer offers the comparatively high purchase price mainly if he can sell the customer in return a new car. So he will rather pay a little bit more than the market value. And if you really have to pay for a four year old Opel Astra at a private sale 11.000 euros remains to be seen: In the current discount battle, Internet brokers, for example, grant more than 19 percent discount on a new Astra car, according to data from the Center Automotive Research (CAR). A new Astra – even if only the basic model with 100 hp – can be had for just a few thousand euros more than the four-year-old used car.

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