Right to repair: apple wife does not know what it wants

Right to repair: Apple wife does not know what it wants

To the rough criticisms of Apple pays the fact that the Group controls its service companies down to the last detail – so free workshops until recently on original spare parts could not get along. The so-called right of repair, which in the United States are now first laws, the Group contributed with lobbying – even under the indication that there is allegedly the safety of customers dangerous. Meanwhile, the situation has become a bit better: with a new one "Program for independent repair providers", which is started in Germany in Germany, there is access to Apple tool and for the first time also parts of the parts.

How Apple has rated the situation internally was not known – the Group was monolithic in its rejection. Internal Memos, which Apple has disclosed in the context of statements of his Chef Tim Cook before a committee of the US Reprusant House, now show that the debate was by no means clear. Again in this early year, the Group tried to formulate a strategy as the repair service provider is iFixit in his blog.

Unclear strategy

Apple was therefore the question of what his repair strategy is superimposed on whether to use for new regulations in the US and Europe and whether the company agrees primarily to publish art repair instructions for all products. In the early year, it had a rough editorial in the topic New York Times given the Apple’s Communication Department to address management on the topic. "The great problem is that our strategy around all this is unclear. Currently we speak of both sides of our mouth and no one is clear where to move."

In his 2020 environmental report, Apple had stressed how important "Reuse Repair" For the company is. It is among other things, how important is a simple and reliable repair of advised to get around "to create durable products". The internal memos does not come to a conclusion how Apple wants to act for art – so it is quite possible that the Group will continue to make lobbying against a right to repair, while at the same time free workshops against strong open.

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