Resurrection of the trainee

Why internships became the most successful sociallyobby and what remains in the dark

On the 1. September 2005, the German Bundestag set up an online petition system, which is also made active. Absolute leader with Uber 50 000 members, has surprisingly a petition for an internship law. Today – Just two days before the theater premiere of Rene Polleschs Stuck "Death of an intern" – the nearly three-month subscription period of the most successful electronic petition.

She had submitted Silvia Helbig, speaker of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), and the Department of Youth of the DGB Federal Council. So far, Uber 59.140 persons (stand 8.1.07, 21:00 clock). Today was still the last opportunity of a so-called participation of the participation, but to obtain an appeal by the Bundestag are only 50 anyway.000 signatures required.

The main objectives of the petition exist in the demand of a statutory minimum wage of 300 euros per month for an internship and 7.50 euros per hour for a voluntary. In addition, training and employment transactions should be separated by law, so that regular workplaces do not take over – as in many areas ubrow – from trainees.

How did it happen that interns who are committed to quite particular interest rather interest rather than the revision of the allocation rules for emissions trading (661 supports) or to the demand for the implementation of the UN Children’s Rights Convention for a child-friendly care in the hospital system ( 3046 electronic signatures), so rasant by?

The reason for success is first simply in that the main supporters – in addition to the DGB youth of the club Fairwork E.V. – act in highly crosslinked form. Thus, numerous calls for the participation of the participant over various email distributors were sent, advertised on weblogs for the petition and Internet forums furnished for discussions. In addition, the caught clubs and institutions have been regularly prasent since one year in the media. The fascination of the trainees, for which a generation was immediately proclaimed, even ranging to the New York Times, where it is considered analogously as a generation debt.

Within the French Association Generation Precaire, who also participated in a demonstration in Germany and even organized the first internship strike in France, the debate is made more general and critical. But there, however, in a similar action also "only" 15 379 (booth 06.01.2007) Voices are advertised.

In a first reflex, it is now conclusively concluded that the lack of solidarity with other social groups is crucial for success in Germany. If one stokes a little deeper after reasons, then it falls on that the demands of the local associations – beyond what the petition has a bundling bundling – almost terrifying context-free therefore. There are neither the company-changed working conditions, nor the own position within a capitalist society. Precare, atypical forms of employment increase in all areas, overall more flexible work forms are required. Now, of course, one could counter that other, also disadvantaged groups such as long-term unemployed, Hartz-IV receptionists, 1-euro jobber, social assistance, chronically ill, forced prostitutes, escape, disabled, even a lobby could be grounded to join one Requirement via petition to the state.

In the envisonable text to the theater stuck "Death of an intern", the author Pollesch shows the difficulty, actually interested in the impossibility, to speak to someone else, to reproduce another. So it is impossible from the position of the middle class to speak for the underlayer. Pollesch explains this in an interview with the Berlin city magazine "Zitty" (01/2007) with the following example: The top-earning actor Benno Fuhrmann makes the pleasure, along with numerous interns and unemployed actors Lars von Triers Dogville steer. In the medial openness, Fuhrmann then excited for all that all involved in free. So Pollesch is about the question of which position from someone for someone speaks and, above all, what remains in the dark: Fuhrmann wants to play on the one hand the status-quo-preserving game and at the same time the "collateral damage" of this game (unemployed actor and unpaid interns) Bagatellizing by praising them as sources of creativity. He wants the interesting, unfortunately not affordable work and there the schnode, but luckily super paid job.

And similarly, the internship initiatives of the status quo is in no way touched, it is once again the dream that capitalism can miss a human face. The interns NGOs do not speak for others, but they do not speak of the others. You signal: It’s all very o.k., As it is, the main thing we, the supposedly well-trained academics, get a stucco from the cake. It’s right.a. For trainees and practitioners with university degree. Politics should be a good word – best in the form of a law, otherwise you do not hate the economy – for us. But more is not required, blob no politicization of the economy, please!

Anyway, it seems to find a high art of finding and mobilizing fellow combatants. Here also a rough chance for more direct democracy. Also exit board drivers know how the following petition with so far only 155 participants (stand from 8.1.) Prove:

The petitioner demands the German Bundestag Moge that a program is developed for long-term unemployed, which voluntarily has developed development aid in economically weak countries. For this purpose, cooperation with aid organizations of developing courses should be built up to use trainees.

For reasonsion, the petitioner Juliane Kruppke then beat us u.a. With the following arguments:

You will receive the possibility to pursue a very meaningful business, to increase self-esteem and to make your contribution for society. Compared with the poverty of other countries, the Social Network of the FRG will become more important. The whining at a high level, which is unjustified, Hort. The new practical experience arises under circumstances alternative applications in the German labor market after the return. […] The cost of living of working opportunities are significantly lower in developing courses, so that financial support can be curzed. […] There is a clear sign for all German burgers and also the rest of the world. It is traded instead of talked.

On to Africa, maybe again Madagascar: long-term unemployed of all federal standards united!

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