Resistance to car toll growth in the bundesrat

The recommendations of the Federal Council Exhibition for the session of the Landerkammer on 10. Marz, in which the planned changes are to be advised, shut down on resistance of the Federal Standers against the superpendent toll laws of Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt.

Thus, after a suggestion, highway sections are to be released by the toll, "if this is justified to avoid adverse effects on companies in border regions". The rules also doubt whether the toll is worthwhile for the state and is compatible with EU law as well as "the basic ideas and objectives of the European agreement". To consider, the rejects also give that "the infrastructure tax barriers between Germany and its European neighbors builds up."Over the recommendations, the plenary of the Federal Council still has to vote.

The Federal Council Excession also doubt "that the expected toll revenues can still cover expenditure," said the Transport Committee. The toll remains "associated with a non-reasonable bureaucracy". The Financial Committee requires "now sufficient Valide calculations".

The Federal Cabinet decided in January of the Techniques legislation applicable since 2015 to implement a compromise agreed with the EU Commission, so that Brussels can approve the toll. The planes are not subject to approval in the Federal Council. But the Landerkammer could scare her by calling the mediation committee with the Bundestag.

The "Department of Europe of the German Bundestag" had already been turned on, the law did not comply with EU law, because the Federal Government plans to relieve the holder of vehicles approved in Germany in accordance with a lower car tax in Germany.

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