Rc3: ddos attack and dns problems sparrowed the hacker experience

RC3: DDOS attack and DNS problems sparrowed the hacker experience

Marchen ended on Wednesday after four days full of presentation and virtual meetings in a specially created, with avatraden 3D world of remote Chaos Communication Congress (RC3). The ceremonial champion "blubbel" From the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), viewers read a story about the "grossest" the nerd before, whose land had been hit by a plague. the "clever beings" Therefore, have come up with the idea, one "Huge artificial island" to build, which they could enter with their minds, instead of the body.

RC3: DDOS attack and DNS problems sparrowed the hacker experience


After a team of princesses and other scouts "Small valley with green meadows and plenty of space" Having regarded in the countryside, this has been equipped with a lake, an island and boats as a communication system over further distances, paid the hacker. In the actual RC3-world, the organizers use the Open-Source Video Conference System Jitsi to form the communications flat and to allow live communication between visitors.

Lovely Tetris Klange

"The harbor could temporarily record any boats", In the background, it was still eager to be hired, Blubbel reported the starting difficulties in the 2D world on the congress platform. For everything ill child is still one "Magic attack of the DDO" (Distributed Denial of Service) on 1. Meeting the conference date, so at night the storm defense had to be overturned. Afterwards, the data travelers finally had to create more content and keep assemblies. Lovely Tetris Klange are ertontone, applications such as a bottle collection simulator or a DECT phone controlled flamewater had enjoyed gross popularity.

However, the peace was not yet achieved: "A curse of invisibility hit the island" – Thus, Blubbel meant various problems with the findability of the RC3-world via the domain name system (DNS). In the status report, there are several entries over forcelate, which could only be cleaned up afterwards. 130.000 DNS updates have been up-to-date because of the 2D world, won it from the infrastructure center. In total there are 34.858 Critical Notes, 13.070 warnings and two abuse mails have been received because of the DDOS attack.

Despite the unbalancing opportunity for exchange and shared learning had been eagerly used, explained blubbel. Every hackerspace has awarded its own orders in the form of knight baths for heroics, even places of the Nerdurft had been transformed into celebrations. After the four days, the artificial feet could not have been to be kept long. The planning plans were maintained and have been held public so that many small expenses were built on local chopping centers according to the motto: "And if the servers are not melted, then chop today.

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