Ransomware lays italian vaccination portal lame

Ransomware lays Italian vaccination portal lame

After a ransomware attack on the Internet portal of the Italian region Lazio, the trail leads to Germany. This is confirmed by the Italian prosecutor of the DPA on demand. According to media reports, the attackers have gained access to the system with a Trojan access to the system and set a loose requirement in Bitcoin. Meanwhile, regional administration does not have access to the site and the burger can not use the administrative portal.

The newspaper La Repubblica reported in their Tuesday edition, citing the investigation, the Cyberatacke was amed by Germany. But it is unlikely that the attackers actually come from Germany. As the newspaper further wrote, the tatter could have tried to disguise their actual residence. On Tuesday afternoon the website was further offline.

Administration portal Offline

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the portal of the region had gone offline. This caused a rough excitement, because the website can also book their Corona vaccine dates and reservations in those skilled in the art. "We do not know who those responsible and what their goals are", Wrote RegionalPrasident Nicola Zingaretti on Facebook. As a result of the attack, access to many important data is blocked. Data should not have been stolen. Who already has a vaccine appointment, KONNE can perceive it. Appointments in specialist were initially not possible.

Experts see one "Increasing threat". With increasing digitization and networking, the systems become more vulnerable. Cyber attacks on business, administration and healthcare take. Among other things, the Klinikum Wolfenbuttel and the district of Anhalt-Bitterfeld met, which proclaimed the disaster due to the attack and the Bundeswehr asked for help. Previously, Russian attackers had probably paralyzed the Irish health care system and also attacked the IT infrastructure of the state ministry.

Even private companies have taken it as in Marz the French pharmaceutical company Pierre Fabre. For coarse companies is a lot on the game, they are considered lucrative goals for the Cyber gangsters. The US pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline had paid a millionail in Bitcoin after attacker had paralyzed operation. In the meantime, the FBI has ensured a part of the loose ground.

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