Putin autumn visit to washington?

Putin autumn visit to Washington?

White house. Photo: TP

Donald Trump has asked Security Advisor John Bolton to invite Russian Prasident

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the press spokesman of the woman’s house, announced yesterday via Twitter that US Prasident Donald Trump has asked the National Security Advisor John Bolton to invite the Russian State President Vladimir Putin for autumn to Washington. Trump himself had tweeted shortly before, he looked forward to a second meeting with Putin, so that you can tackle some of the many problems discussed in Helsinki: the "Stop terrorism, security for Israel, the spread of nuclear weapons, cyber attacks, trade, Ukraine, peace in the Middle East and much more". It give, so the US prasident "many answers" on these problems, "some of them easily and other difficult", but they could all be dissolved.

The American secret service director Dan Coats does not seem to have known from this invitation instruction when he was confronted yesterday at an event in the mountain resort of Aspen. In any case, he asked the presenter to repeat the information, and said he did not know what Trump and Putin had appointed their four-eye talk with interpreters. The prasident but have the right to keep content of this conversation for himself.

Intelligence chief not informed

Information on possible disagreements between Coats and Trump was already on Monday evening, when the intelligence chief publicly defended allegations of the places led by him that it has given Russian cyber interference in the US Prassidal Election Battle 2016. It was him, so Coats yesterday was important, here "Obtain position – on behalf of the intelligence services and in the name of the American people".

The reason for Coats Public criticism was Trumps at the Joint Press Conference with Putin Augant Sentence To Improves a Russian Interference in the US Election Camp "I Do not Lake Any Reason Why It would be Russia." Trump himself meant in a television interview, he has promised and a "n’t" Behind "fold" forget. In addition, he praised the American intelligence services as "big" and said he had "full faith" in her.

Democrats want to upload translation

Somewhat better than the American intelligence depth one seems to be informed in the Russian Embassy in Washington on the results of the dux of Trump and Putin: Ambassador Anatoli Antonov Russian media reported on Wednesday over Wednesday "Exact and interesting proposals", "Important organic agreements" and "Usal agreements" to reduce nuclear weapons and one "Possible cooperation" in Syria.

Antonov Weib of the Russian Foreign Ministry speaker Marija Sakharova, according to which Russian diplomats are already working on a transposition of the agreements. Your American office colleague Heather Turns so far only speaks of "Analysis" and "reviews" the results, which new working groups are obedient policy, security and economy. The Democrats in the US Congress does not extend this information: You want to upload Trump’s translator to learn about what Trump and Putin talked concretely. In addition, she should publish any records.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb: "asymmetric payoff" For conflict-heating media

Vladimir Putin said in the face of American reactions to his meeting with Trump, it gives "certain force in the US trying to smaller and deny the results". The two big nuclear attention to the world had "a special responsibility for strategic stability and security" and had to talk to each other, even if "The relationships in some areas are so bad [be], as since the Cold War no longer" and it "Naive goods, to believe, problems that have built up for years to can be able to loose in a few hours".

Trump focused in his reaction to the criticism of the summit on the American mainstream media, which in his impression "necessarily a rough confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to a war". He got indirect support from the well-known mathematician Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who stated that it is one for journalists "asymmetric payoff" there is because you do not have to wear the costs of conflicts – "Especially when the damage is created in other countries".

Another man who jumped Trump was the conservative Fox-News star Tucker Carlson. He mean:

People, who are the loudest screaming that the Russians are our biggest enemy, and that Trump whose puppet is, are the same people who involve in Iraq and do not want to admit that that was a mistake. It’s the people who made America weak, poor and sadder. The group whose mistakes made sure Trump was chosen overhead. You have been believed, meanwhile they were discredited and unemployed […]. But no, they moderate cable television newspapers [and] have influential items in the Auf Ministry […].

(Tucker Carlson)

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