Puma tanks cost twice as much as planned

Puma tanks cost twice as much as planned

Protective Puma without price tag, but with technical data. Photo: Boevaya Mashina. License: CC BY-SA 4.0

The new Minister of Defense must now also defend a 2.9 billion euro price increase after its sudden change

Three days after the appointment of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer to the new Federal Defense Minister has become known about a parliamentary request of the former left-wing factions manager Matthias Hohn that the Ministry of Defense until the "Completely use of the 350 guardian tank PUMA currently 5.989 million euros planned" Has. This is about twice the same amount of 2.9 billion euros.

As a reason for the twice as high burden on taxpayers, the Ministry of Defense calls in addition to providing which high prices allow one "Update of the maximum profile". Since the first planning, it has changed significantly: from such a good as a fighting tank armored guardian armor for a cross-defense army made of conscripts, a vehicle that also requires pregnant soldiers workshop arrangement and whose armor has to be recorded, so that it is for transporting fluid to stay abroad is not too heavy.

The responsibility chain starts at Scharping

Because the first plans have been so long ago, Kramp Karrenbauer’s process Ursula from the Leyen can not do the sole responsibility for – so hohn "One of the largest misplacing of the Ministry of Defense" push. It already starts with Rudolf Scharping, the first Minister of Defense of the Red-Grunen Federal Government of Gerhard Schroder, and with his successors Peter Struck (19. July 2002 to 22. November 2005), Franz Josef Jung (22. November 2005 to 28. October 2009), Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg (28. October 2009 to 3. Marz 2011) and Thomas de Maizière (3. Marz 2011 to 17. December 2013) Fort.

With the PUMA manufacturers Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (or their subsidiaries) several signed in this time. Which of the largely secret documents for taxpayers were particularly unfavorable, maybe it can only be made historians, if the files are released once. In the term of office of the Leyens, however, the formal suppure of the guardian tank on 13 fell. April 2015 and the order of 210 other vehicles in June 2019. The latter was also because Bundeswehr Pumas was part of the after the Ukraine crisis "Very High Readiness Joint Task Force" (VJTF) should be.


How Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer will deal with this legacy of your transaction, is still open. Currently, the new Minister of Defense seems to be very busy to defend its surprising sensory change, which resulted in within 13 days of standby agreement on the advice. The fact that she can tackle the task with a large committee of trust from the population does not apply to: a current Yougov survey after keeping 54 percent of Germans for "bad" or even for "very bad", that she became defense minister.

That this office will be a springboard to chancellor, as some media courage, believe a representative mentefactum survey for the world according to just 20 percent of the burgers. 58 percent ame that they are now no longer chancellor.

No export bracket

For Hohn, the now known PUMA costs are also a document for how expensive and inefficient the procurement of rusts of rust in Germany is generally handled. This could have to deal with that the policy in the case of the aforward decisions also the requirement of the business location. An export bracket is not the Puma in any case: Auber the fact that he is the most expensive guardian climb in the world is due to problems ranging from arming to software. Because these problems are not hidden from foreign rusts of foreign rates, they decide regularly for competitive offers such as the Swedish Combat Vehicle 90, which seems to offer a significantly better price-performance ratio.

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