Psychotherapists chopped: finnish patients and practices are blackmailed

Psychotherapists chopped: Finnish patients and practices are blackmailed

In Finland, unknowns have tensed tens of thousands of data records of a psychotherapy center and now do not only develop the company itself, but also affected patients and patients. With this novel procedure, they obviously want about half a million euros. In any case, the therapy industry is to pay Vastaamo in Bitcoin to prevent further publications, reports the public broadcasting Yleisradio.

Patients were therefore invited to pay about 200 euros in Bitcoin to prevent a publication of their data. Father the claim was increased to 500 euros. By Sunday, 300 records have already been placed in the Darknet.

Especially intimate information

Vastaamo runs according to reports 22 practices throughout Finland and employs about 300 psychotherapists. The or the blackmasters therefore claim information about a total of 40.000 patients have been brought to themselves. Including diamers, diagnoses and contact information, including minors. The company itself is now expecting victims of two vicious hacks, one in November 2018 and one in March 2019. The business of the company was released on Monday after not even informed internally about the successful breakdown.

In Finland, the Errreng is a topic of national interest, on Sunday, State Prassident Sauli Niinisto said: "That concerns us all." The crime show how important cybersecurity and privacy. Overall, investigators had filed until the weekend already thousands of patients who were in treatment at Vastamo were submitted. The Finnish Cabinet wants to deal with the fall on Wednesday, the Minister of Interior Maria Ohisalo described it accordingly as a currently primary task of helping the person concerned. Every attempt to blackmail money from them, described them as "very serious, shocking and emportant". The Erresser operates online under the alias "Ransom-Man" and puts data gradually over a goal page online.

A whole country on the hunt

At the time of details, however, it is also speculated, for example, why between burglary and Errrberg have passed almost two years. It should be appreciated that the or the attackers have not recognized the value equal or, but that they have waited to blur traces. So they could hope that log files from Vastaamo were now laughed. Also, the comparatively low loosenry sums keep some for advisable, writes Yleeisradio. The attackers were able to finish the matter quickly, such a theory. So far, the already important data has appeared only in the difficult to reach gate network. But they could now go to the internet.

Overall, it is a one "Very unusual explicit case", Mems Mikko Hyppons, the Research Chief of the Finnish Security Company F-Secure. He said against Politico, the tatter lacks any mellow for his fellow human beings. The attack is "particularly shitty" And every information security expert in Finland is currently trying to locate the tatter.

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