Product photography: the magic box

If you ask a dentist to treat his patients with the instruments of a oscillator, he will most likely reject it – though both dubbing the doctor’s profession. About this is the case with product photographers with different work priorities. The light and studio equipment of a watch photographer is not very much suitable for the recording of bottles or pullovers. Therefore, it is scary difficult to deliver concrete recommendations in relation to the right equipment at this point. However, there are some basic things that you can take into account when setting up your studio workplace and the choice of equipment.

In your product photography article, Joachim Jutntner and Eduard Peter give a detailed insight into the work of a product photographer. In addition to general recommendations for equipment, they also show their self-construction box in C’t photography 4/16. With this magical box you can realize impressive object shots with the simplest materials.

Construction and construction

We cruise shelf, screws and corner angles a rectangular frame. Mabe: 710 mm × 710 mm × 510 mm. At the angles should be taken to ensure that the punches lie on a high with the recesses of the rack bars, so no punches have to be drilled more and the angles are narrow enough to fit into the profile of the strips. The construction can be easily dismantled and taken to the place of use. Hierfer recommends the use of aircraft nuts.

Product Photography: The Magic Box

A favorable and simple structure and a high flexibility of the recording box allow quick entry into product photography.

Product Photography: The Magic Box

Simple corner angles connect the individual rack bars. If you use aircraft nuts, the construction can also be quickly disassembled and taken.

Attachment of the ale trim

The magnets are used to attach the black photo card to the frame.

Product Photography: The Magic Box

Even if the construction is simple, the changeable parts allow numerous setups.

We bring light into the dark of the box

Now we have to worry about the fact that our item is litably illuminated from both sides. For this purpose we separate the black photo carton on one side in two halves, so that a small gap is created. We cover this gap with the architectural paper that ames the function of a softbox.

The architectural paper is attached with other table magnets. The advantage of this flexible construction is that we can customize the gap as desired in its coarse, depending on how much light we need for the recording situation.

Product Photography: The Magic Box

The architectural paper in the side part takes over the task of a softbox. The woven flat on the opposite side acts as a reflector.

In order for the object inside the box to be litably illuminated, we deflish the other side of the box with a fashion photocopy so that a coarse surface reflector arises. Despite our sowing light source, the background always remains black, since the light only meets the object and the back wall is not illuminated. If we munged the background color, we can simply remove the black back wall and replace through colored photo cardboard.

Product Photography: The Magic Box

Alone with differently colored backgrounds, impressive lighting moods can be implemented.

Although we always use a lamp with a female light as a frontal light source, it looks like a father in the photo as we had worked with colored light. So only the background color changes, but not the color of the highlights. The appropriate color mood preserves the glass anyway due to its transparency.

Combine creatively, this structure with a spotlight source, which we have taught with the help of a conically shaped lampshade of IKEA. This creates a little more tension at the background. The screen is fastened in front of the main light source and bundled the light to a spot. As a substrate, we use the highly acrylic glass as it produces reflections and underlines the clear character of the glass.

Product Photography: The Magic Box

This recording shows what about the "magical box" is possible. The reflection in the acrylic plate provides for an exciting foreground.

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