Price for data pink: 20 years big brother awards – the jubila sedition

Price for data pink: 20 years BIG Brother Awards - The Jubila Sedition

The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Ministry of Interior of Brandenburg, the interior ministerial conference of the federal and the Lander and the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry for cults, youth and sports are a prize board of the Big Brother Awards 2020. The one won in the Catgorie "History", The others in the category "digitalization". The Federal Government finally won by nonstunning and tolerating the use of Ramstein for American drone attacks.

For the private companies there were awards for Tesla, Hennes Mauritz and Brainco and the Science Campus Tubingen as a double winner. Prices are now awarded in the course of a gala in the Bielefelder Hechelei, at which Coronabatting only 50 guests and 50 helpers are taken to participate.

Cameras in the Tesla – contradiction

Already since yesterday Thursday is discussed according to a TV report, what the cameras can be in the car from Tesla everything you can thurf and what not. For this evening there is a first big Brother Award for Tesla, because the jury has A.) The Tesla technology and B.) The Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions of Tesla are considered and inadequate.

For hackers, such an electric car is the playground par excellence, for example with the camera backwards, which scans to scan and detects cars and then send a warning to a tracker on display. The next "crime scene" will show how the commissars are heading. However, data protections are already despairing because they are raised a variety of data and every driver with the use of the car must be agreed that they "in Lander outside of your country of residence, including the USA" be transmitted. Because who contradicts the data transfer online, the lapidary answer will receive that now one "enclosed functionality" fancy. What is deleted by the telematics protocol data, remote analysis data, other vehicle data, maintenance history, and navigation data is not explained.

In the opinion of the jury, the various cameras, which overwake the car in the parking or waxed mode, are also monitored and record when someone conveys the vehicle. Also questionable should be the camera, which is directed to the driver. She should report if someone pollutes or damaged the car. With the awarding of the Big Brother Awards in the category "Mobility" If the jury illustrates the problem that data protection is quickly designed as a technical knob: "We have nothing against automotive assistance systems, nothing against semi-automated driving. Sensors and so-called artificial intelligence are needed for this. But this data can and have to remain largely in the car from the data protection view."

KESY – license plate indication "on" Magnetic "turned off"

Known mammals are to be built the vehicles of Tesla in Brandenburg. This state can now be with a Big Brother Award in the always popular category "Hist and administration" Schuck, because the Ministry of the Interior has with the software "Kesy" Against privacy standards, as the state-based country data protection officer Dagmar Hartge objected. Even after this reus, the author tricked continued and losing not all data, but shifted them from a server to MagnetBander, allegedly on statement of the prosecutor’s office.

"Kesy" Even is a software for the "Statement-related automatic license plate indication", How to permit the Brandenburg Police Law. It was not operated in the search mode, in which a vehicle is specifically searched for, but in a recording mode in which all indicators are stored. This storage data storage for the movement data of cars came out in the case of a missing girl, because a vehicle of an initially suspicious of "Kesy" before the actual search could be determined and the Berlin police paid.

The Brandenburg colleagues were not built that the use of the recording mode became known. The price for this absorbing data span thus goes to the Brandenburg Interior Minister Michael Stubgen (CDU) that this award will certainly not understand: Stubgen had defended the use of the recording mode with the argument that the shutdown was read only criminals. Whatever with "Kesy" happens, the convey court of Brandenburg. A motorist complains against the use of the recording mode.

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