Why are so many unemployed and low earners to apply the neoliberal AFD?

Why are so many unemployed and low earners to apply the neoliberal AFD? This question is curious, above all, the representatives of parties who themselves operate neoliberal policy. Your unspoken answer is: because the "socially weak" are too obvious to understand the complexity of alternative policy. Counter question: Why should the Precarier parties elections, of which they already know that they have written down?

A long-lasting and multi-defendant trend was broken at the three state elections in Marz: Finally, the turnout has risen again. However, jubiliaries remained. Instead, a strange, albeit by no means new phanomena many headaches prepares: some Wahler elections against their interests. Thus, in the state election in Saxony-Anhalt 37 percent of the workers and 38 percent of the unemployed the AFD gave their vote. Thus, the AFD was there, as well as in Baden-Wurttemberg, in these elective groups to the strongest party.

Noteworthy are also the results of a chance survey of the city of Freiburg: 34 percent of the AFD-Wahler there have a migration background, far more than all other parties.

Looked at least since the research center Correctiv has a draft of the Principle Progroms of the Party, has become apparent that the AFD by no means the party "little people" is as if they are looking forward to the outside. Although the program design is now handled and for the "little people" a little more tastier, at the neoliberal basic orientation and orientation to the interests of the information, has hardly changed anything (what does the AFD want?To).

How could only as many lowrooms and unemployed people fall to this party? Well, maybe many of these elimans do not rely so much on the fact that the AfD will be worried for more social justice, but hope to limit the immigration, in whose follow-up social mining and growing competition for workplaces and affordable apartments fear.

It is globalization

Maybe it was only such a feeling, the feeling, from the company to be deducted and have nothing to expect from the established parties anyway. A feeling that can noble on a rich experience of experience. Left faction leader Sahra Wagenknecht brought it in the last broadcast of "People at Maischberger" Before the state elections, related to that of SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel brought into conversation "Social package for Germany" to the point: what the AFD ultimately be made, be, "that people have the feeling that the SPD is discovered as much before the elections […] and after the elections it is forgotten." Therefore, the ritualized amptions are not catching "Take anxle and take care of the burger seriously", Especially since it always has that this "fears" be unjustified or at least completely carried out.

Just as with the green politician Steffi Lemke, who gave the following bandwurth set in the same program to explain the AFD successes: "I believe it is strongly related to that we are too little about social justice, especially in the global scale, talked but also within Europe, […; Donation], also within Germany that we have not found any sufficient answer on globalization processes, on international trade, there are many problems simply not solved and that with many people a massive Feeling generated by uncertainty […], the difficulties also have with the pace of events, with the novelty of crisis herds [to do] ."

So it’s less about acting than talking, Lemke obviously believes. It was no coincidence that they were social justice "within Germany" only at the last place. For the poor in our country, after the predominant reading, are not victims of any economic and social policy, but the "globalization". Against these as well as intelligence, developed by acting persons and their interests, the policy at national level is little aligned, becomes the locals "Globalization" always signaled. They had to be more flexible to invest more in their education and even a little tight closing the belt.

Actually, you are still too well

The growing migration troughs are also considered as inevitable consequence of globalization. A very buried consequence, so it is called, because migrants were urgently needed to satisfy the expertise of the economy and to cushion demographic change. The local unemployed, of which, after all, more than half of which has a completed vocational training, it is indirectly taught that they are not useful.

There is something else: Well, since the "really" Arms no longer only appear in television reports on famous grade in the Sahel zone or other remote world regions, but come to Germany as flights, let themselves be instrumentalized to small to poverty in their own country. Just as Finance Minister SchaBle praised in his replica on Gabriel’s claim for a social package: "If we are only helping people who are in bitter not, because we give others who are not in bitter not, the same or more, then the merciliation."

The subliminal message to the local prekariate is: Actually, you are still too good; We can not do more for you. What the escape is concerned, Angela Merkel’s motto continues to apply: "We make it." Theoretically at least.

Practical is still unimaginable, who is what for the escape "creating", But the rhetoric unfolds all the effects. Meanwhile, Gabriel has enforced his social package, per forma at least. To judge the current survey values for the SPD, but it did not use anything. Apparently, the Wahler are not so easy to buy how that the SPD boss had introduced. After the gable cannzinzip, a little more money for housing, kita expansion, working demand, qualification and language courses for escape strikes is now easily made, as originally intended. Whether it is thus ensured for all the escape and, as promised, for the long-established still succeeds a bit, appears in question.

Meanwhile, the SPD-guided Ministry of Labor delights the long-lasting new manner of the Hartz IV rulesets (Hartz-IV rules: Ministry of Labor ZOGER ZOGERN) and attracts with the "Layout for legal simplification and Entburichratization at Hartz IV", the unemployed the thumbding screws continue.

However, the lack of response to the social package was also allowed to cooperate with the rhetoric of the Fruheren Workers and People’s Party, which is now a party of the "working center" understands. So Gabriel claimed after the evening of the state elections in Marz, the SPD "For liberalitat and social cohesion." In the same opinion, he explained: "Germany, which originated in decades, is a liberal country with a strong social cohesion."

Protestwheels – Say: AFD-Wahler – contributed to the division of the company. The social package is therefore intended as a sacred pill for those who see the social relevance in Germany less rosy than the SPD chairman. At some point you will still understand how well you have, thanks to the far-sighted social policy of the enjoyed. You only have to lose them often and clearly enough to bread, Gabriel obviously believes:

Too many people feel no longer understood and taken in the development of our country. […] In the new federal stations we still have to have strong people pick up and speak to.

Sigmar Gabriel

Today, poverty and unemployment are considered as a privacy and consequence of individual inadmissibility

The message of the Social Democrats to the Precariat is: We do (a bit) what for you, though it is not really necessary goods and you did not really deserve it. How to simply pass poverty, Labor Minister Andrea Nahles introduced a year ago when she commented on the poverty report published by the Parity Welfare Association.

Of a growing poverty in Germany, no speech will be speech, because in the poverty report, only the relative poverty is considered. "For example, there are more illegal immigrants and a lot of youngian unemployed, as we have to do it with real poverty", said Nahles. Say: "For real" Arm is only who does not work allowed or not for health reasons can. The remaining unemployed can just look for a job, then they are no longer poor, at least not "really".

Pragnant had printed it in 2006 its partist and officer Franz Muntefering: "Only who works, should also eat." Today, poverty and unemployment will not only be considered by the SPD and the other parties represented in the Bundestag, with the exception of the left, but also of large parts of society as a privacy and consequence of individual inadmissibility.

"Everyone is his glow blacksmith – or just of his illusion – and for himself responsible. This has been so deep in our power to anchor that it is no longer questionable", The social scientist Stefan Sell said in an interview with the weekly newspaper "Friday". Consequently, studies, according to studies, the strongest prejudices and "Diligence", both in the west and in the east of Germany, opposite long-term unemployed, "Even before asylum seekers and Sinti and Roma".

According to Mau, the media echo usually falls out on the all-year poverty report. That this year was even less reported than usual, could have had another reason. Anyone who talks about poverty in Germany and gain them even, games the precariat against the escape of the escape, so was one of the most common reactions to Gabriel’s demand for a social package.

Guido Kleinhubbert spoke of this argument on Spiegel online in his cropping of the youngest poverty report a little too: who denounces poverty in Germany, Schure Rough "to a system that allegedly vegetate your own burger in poverty", sluggish "Further restlessness into those parts of the population, which are already unsettled because of the escape crisis anyway", and thus do it "to those of the Wahler and Supporters, which provide simple answers", Say: The AFD.

From these words, the traditional fear of the "better circles" Before the undeducted and unpredictable sweetheart, in front of people who do not want to see that they themselves are guilty of their misery and instead of unpaid receivables. The Pobel should be satisfied with the alms considered by him and keep away from things, of which he has no idea, for example. If the posted have already had to go elections, then please prefer the left, which as the only party represented in the Bundestag always reproduces their interests, they can not enforce them only a lack of political design power.

However, the Precarier already realized that and traces instinctively that the design power of the Left Party is hardly growing as a result of the policy of open borders propagated by itself. Maybe you have the impression that the left, as well as SPD and grune, is now more interested in the well-being of the escape and forget the native precariat of Daruber.

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