Portugal argues again about the abortion

On Sunday, the Portuguese again agree with whether the strict ban on how to practice this in the EU, Ireland or Poland is replaced by a liberal regulation

After the tight victory of the abortion opponent in 1998, Portugal will decide on Sunday again on the abortion question. Like Malta, Ireland and Poland, Portugal is also strictly against abortions. The socialist government now wants to release the cancellation up to the tenth week, as thousands of women had to suffer rising on illegal breakage and sometimes land in court. Especially the Catholic Church faces the proposal. Latest surveys show that this was allowed to prevail if not the debacle of 1998. It is also unclear whether 50 percent participate in the vote so that it becomes binding.

So far, a pregnancy crash in Portugal is only impunity-free when the mother was raped when her health is in danger or when a malformation of the Fotus was detected. The government now asks her population on Sunday: "They agree with the decriminalization of voluntary demolition, if this is the will of the woman and he is carried out in the first ten weeks in an authorized clinic". However, so decided the past court, if the emigrants did not participate in the referendum because they are not affected by the law. This is partly as "incomprehensible" criticized.

Sets the "SIM" (Yes) by, Portugal was rising into the rough majority of European countries in which the demolition is handled liberal. The country then even had a reluctant regulation as Finland, Iceland, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Hungary and Cyprus.

But a victory of the commutations is by no means sure, even if the expression researcher always predicts a majority for yes. The latest survey, which was carried out for the newspaper Correio da Manha, continues from a victory of the "SIM" about the "Nao" (No) out. Accordingly, 52.6% wanted to accept the proposal and 41.5% were rejected. 5.9% of respondents showed undecided. Is questionable that already 45% of the population says do not want to participate in the vote.

It turns out that the number of commutations is always falling. In the case of a survey of the Diàrio de Noticias, there were shortly 54% that wanted to vote and at the end of January it was even 61%. The burger movement for yes therefore warns of a lack of participation. The examples of the release still stuck the results of the referendum of 1998 in the bones. At that time, the surveys had predicted a significant victory of abortion committee, which is why fewer Burgters participated in the vote. Only 31.8% of Portuguese took part in this vote and of which were almost 51% with no. The SIM faction must take two horses on Sunday, so that abortion is finally decriminalized and many women are no longer in the hands of crop rigs. So that the result becomes binding, not only the majority must vote with yes, but it also has to participate more than 50% of the population.

The arguments are known everywhere. During the influential Catholic Church that "right to live" The unborn compelled and even the Pope has reinstated into the debate in the Catholic Land, the Burgers mainly hold the right of women. They should be the free decision on their body, and their right to health and life can.

Criminalization of women

Quintual, then Duarte Vilar writes from the Association for Family Planning (APF), only about 100 breakdowns in the country were legally carried out. 20.000 women, on the other hand, illegally drove off, the dark figure is even seeded twice as high. The fact that these pregnancy breaks are often carried out under unsuspicious conditions is shown by the fact that in Hospitals 5.000 women have to be treated in which it came to complications after illegal breaks. More than 100 women have died in the last 20 years.

Given the situation, the Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates, the illegal abortion mentions one "National shame". He operates the referendum for Portugal his "Wettdown to the other European countries" can. But Socrates also has the decriminalization of women in view: "We want to change the law so that women who want to make an abortion will not be persecuted by the police and the judiciary, but are constantly changing to hospitals and social stations".

Because again and again it comes to processes. After a misspelled illegal abortion to a hospital, can end in front of a court. Dozens of women could mostly pull their head out of the sling when they claimed it was a spontaneous miscarriage. But sometimes the judges also distribute prison sentences. In 2002, a midwife was sentenced to a prison sentence of eight and a half years, which should have carried out 100 abortions. Some people affected were sentenced to imprisonment of four months.

Only last year, a court raised entanglements in the second instance against affected from Aveiro in the north of the country. 17 people had been charged in 2004, including some lifferences of women. The doctor who had carried out abortions received in the appeal of a penalty of three years and eight months, a nurse received 16 months and three women got up six months in prison. The procedure has significantly advanced the discussion about the new law.

The business with abortion

Among the opponents of liberalization were also many doctors, nurses and midwives, which earned well on the illegal business. In it, the Arztevereinigung Medicos Pelo Escolha and the women’s rights organization Umar agree. Millions were earned over the illegal abortions. Between 300 and 1000 euros costs an illegal procedure in Portugal. In Spain, where many Portuguese dodge, the intervention costs in border town Badajoz 450 euros. There makes the abortion clinic "Los Arcos" good business with you. It is in the starting pages to open a clinic in Lisbon immediately at the referendum immediately. "60% of our patients are Portuguese, about 4.000 in the year", explained Ramon Hernandez, boss of Los Arcos.

The abortion tourism in the neighboring country amazes, because the laws of both countries are very strong. Also Spain is a matter of what the law is concerned, rather to the restrictive countries in Europe. However, it takes it up to some very conservative regions, not exactly and sets the law very liberal. "In Portugal, the law is still seriously used", Therefore, the church newspaper also ruffles the socialist Spanish government. However, since 1985, there is a luck in Spanish law, which allows legal abortions. This was also not stuffed by the UltraConservative People’s Party (PP) in eight years of government. The socialists had once begotten the very stretchable PAS, after which abortion after a consultation is possible even if the physical or mental health of the mother is danger.

61% of world population currently lives in countries who have released the demolition in a temporal period or to allow social reasons for a pregnancy crash. ascending trend. Only 26% of women have to suffer from rules today, as they apply to Portugal, mostly in developing.

More restrictive than in Portugal, the question is handled even in Catholic Ireland and Malta in Europe. An abortion is possible in virtually only if the pregnancy is an immediate sake of the life of the woman. The Catholic Poland is the way straight in the opposite direction. The Liberal Law of 1959 is rapidly reduced. Even in Poland abortions are allowed when the health of the pregnant women is danger, there is a disability of the photography or when pregnancy is the result of a crime. A social indication, which also incorporated the lives of the woman, explained the Feight Court in 1997 for advancing. But part of the government is also too far the applicable regulation. The Catholic Fundamentalist League of Polish Families (LPR) wants the emphasis to "Protection of unborn life" change. Since life after definition of the LPR already begins with fertilization, this change came equal to a general prohibition of abortions.

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