Polestar precept: vegan electrolimousine is built in china

Polestar Precept: Vegan Electrolimousine is built in China

Originally as "Vehicle vision" Remembered Electrolimousine Precept of the Chinese-Swedish JointVenture Polestar is being built. Product development is already in progress, shared Polestar with. The vehicle is built in Chinese Chengdu, where the Polestar 1 is already produced.

The interior configuration with recycled ingredients is based on the vegan interior option of the Polestar 2. Together with the company BCOMP, Polestar has integrated a composite produced made of flax, which is already used in other industries as a substitute for re-plants.

In the interior also recycled PET bottles, recovered fishing nets and recycled cork vinyl are used. Polestar strives for own information to overfore most of these sustainable and natural materials in mass production.

China and sustainability

Polestar CEO Thomas IngenLath sees China as a home market. There, the pursuit of more sustainability becomes more and more important. His goals sound ambitious: "Consumers want to see real changes from this industry – not just dreams. Now PreCept sets an even strong statement. We committed to reducing the environmental impact of our cars and our company. The goal must be the climate neutritat, even if I realize that this is a long-term goal."

Polestar Precept

Polestar Precept: Vegan Electrolimousine is built in China

The Precept, the ..

For the infotainment system, that Android-based was further developed, which is already used in the Polestar 2. The 15-inch coarse display should recognize the driver as soon as he behaves; Personal settings and content are then automatically superseded.

Eye tracking systems that capture the driver’s eyes, control how advice on the 9-inch driver display are displayed: "Small and more detailed when the driver looks at the display, gross and brighter to display important information when the driver is focused on the strain", Allowed Polestar.

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